Termination Letter for School Principal from Management

Sample letter to termination for the principal of the school college due to poor performance, mismanagement to fire, or sack the principal from the job.

Termination Letter for School Principal for His Poor Performance

The Headmistress,

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is to inform you that the school is not satisfied with your performance, the system is disturbed because of your half-day leaves. Because of this, the staff is also not regular, and there is no check and balance rule. We would like to bring it to your knowledge that the committee of head persons has decided to end your tenure at this school to run a better institute and assure quality. We wish you good luck.


School administration

Termination Letter to School Principal for Poor Performance

The Cadet Frontier School

Miss Candy

Alabama Street

Subject: Termination letter for poor performance

Dear Miss Candy

It is to inform you that you have not been attending the school for two months. The school discipline committee has found that during your six months tenure with us, you have been very irregular and never followed the rules of punctuality. The discipline committee has also found that you used to smoke cigarettes during lectures in the classrooms. You also use inappropriate language in the class that does not positively impact the students.

You have been sent notices three times with warnings to uplift your reputation, but you never put an ear to it. You were also provided with the chance to submit your written statement before the school committee, but you never tried to avail it.

So for now, the board of directors has decided in the light of the findings of the school discipline committee to terminate the contract with you.

You need not visit the school from tomorrow.

For any quires, please call me on my number 2321128998


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