Apology For Not Attending Church Meeting Letter

Format of apology letter to send to church administration when you have not been able to attend the latest meeting which was made mandatory for you to attend.

Apology For Not Attending Church Meeting

Dear pope,

I am writing to you because you called an important meeting yesterday and you told everyone to try and be there as it was important and I missed it. I am really sorry that I missed this and the reason for me missing this was because my wife went into child labor. We had a baby girl quite healthy. So again I do sincerely apologies and I will be attending tomorrow I will come an hour earlier than everyone else so that you can catch me up on what is happening and what that meeting was about. Thank you for understanding.

May God be with you


Apology for Not Attending Church Meeting Letter

This letter is an apology from my side for not attending the church meeting.

I can understand that I should have been there on time but on the respective day I got struck in an urgent piece of work. I tried hard to finish my work on time but I could not do so. I feel sorry for not being there.

Kindly accept my apology

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