Visit Invitation Letter Sample for Guests

Visit Invitation Letter Sample for School, company, office, business, factory, mill, or NGO with the purpose of the meeting, quality checking, medical checkup, standards checkup, collection of donations, and charity from companies, corporations, foundations, etc.

Invitation Letter for Foreigner Guest (International Guest)

Consul General
United States of America
Clifton, Karachi

Dear Sir,

I am grateful to you for your kind letter and look forward to welcoming you to our Institution.

It would be an honor for us to share with you our work and meet with our students. We will be in touch with your office to liaise the schedule at your convenience.

Looking forward to your kind visit.

With kind regards,

Dr. Rosey Manzoor

Visit Invitation Letter for School 1

Subject: Invitation Letter for Visit

Dear Sir,

Thanks very much for your reply and commitment to donate to [organization]. As for, your question is concerned regarding Down Syndrome. Please note that [organization] is the largest in Pakistan and deals with almost all special children. We have 8 Kanal Campus in Defence with state-of-the-art facilities according to international standards. We have a down syndrome section and expert teachers for this section.

Today is (Date), and this is a holiday. So Tomorrow, I will get back to the institute and send the exact figures of how many Down syndrome students we cater to. Our overall strength in the institute is 503 on both campuses.

I will request you to visit our institute, and you will be shocked to know about the institute, its environment, departments, facilitation, and the state-of-the-art structure we have been built with time. In simple words, I am sure you have never seen any institute like [organization] anywhere.

Looking for your visit to the institute. You can come on any working day from Monday to Friday from 8:45 am to 1:00 pm for visiting purposes.


Dr. Iqra Iqbal

Invitation Letter for Visit of School 2

Subject: Letter of Invitation to Visit

Dear Sir,

I hope you are fine and doing your best. Concerning the previous visit of Senior Officials from Bata, I am writing to request a visit to [place/venue] during (Date) as discussed and promised by Mr. James. From (Date) To (Date), the institute is fully operational. Therefore, we welcome again to the Senior Official of Bata to revisit our campus and see by yourself how we are serving society.

Best Regards,

Visit Invitation Letter Sample for Guests

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  1. I want invitation letter for visited kota kinabalu,how to write this letter?because I want invite my friend from another’s country…can u show to me?

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