Rent Receipt Format in Word

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Sample Rent Receipt Format in Ms Word available for free download. Sample rent receipt template for flats, houses, shops, plaza, office, store, hall, factory, machine, car, riksha, bus, taxi, transport and hotels etc.

Sample Rent Receipt & Slip Template

London Rental Services

Rent Receipt

Sr. No#. ___________           Date:____________


Rent for the month of:_____________________



Cash/Cheque No._________Amount:__________

Received By:____________________________

Note: Received amount will not be refundable. Keep this slip safe for your record.

This receipt can be changed as per needs of the user. But reprinting and publishing this format anywhere is prohibited. Legal action will be taken against the user in case of negligence.

Rent Receipt Format in Word
Rent Receipt Format in Word

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Rent Receipt Format Letter

Mr. Wilsons,
California. USA.

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you hale and healthy. I am writing this letter to confirm you that I have received the rent for the house for the month of August. I have received confirmation from my bank that an amount of $3000 has been deposited in my account. I hope you are taking good care of the property and I thank you for the timely payment.



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