Application for late Joining of Internship Program

Want to write a request for a late joining of the internship program? We are giving you sample letter templates to ask for a late joining of the internship program. Sample application for late joining school, job, training program, event, ceremony, convocation, etc.

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Email Letter to Inform About Late Joining of The Internship Program

Dear Sir,

I want to enroll in the summer internship program, but I am seeking your permission for late joining of the program due to “mention the reason here”.

I hope you will grant permission for late joining from (date). I will be grateful to you.


Your Name, Any other identity

Request for Late Joining of Internship Program Format

The President
AH Foundation

Subject: Request for Late Joining of Internship Program

Dear Sir,

I am registered at your organization as an internee. However, I could not join your organization from (date) due to my examination. Now, My exams have finished. So I am joining your institution from (date).

Thank you,


Application Requesting Late Joining Format

AH Foundation

Subject: Application for Late Joining of Internship Program

Dear Madam,

As informed earlier to the school authorities, I could not attend your summer internship program sooner since I was not present in the country at the time.

I had already talked about this issue with the person in charge of the admissions who confirmed my position, and I was keen to hear that my spot was confirmed after I was told that I had to go for Umrah.

I have now returned and wish to start the internship on the 8th of June. I would appreciate it if you accept this application as a token of absence. I hope to do a lot for the program, as I have already pooled my share of ideas. My name is currently in the Resource Department, Group G, and I do not wish to change it but work with my fellow students for the greater good of the school.

Thank you

Maira Dastgir

Application for late joining of Internship Program

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