Letters Samples & Templates

Sample letter formats and templates for your personal and business needs are provided on the page. We categorized letter templates into sections according to their categories. Browse your required category, or search the required letter in the search box.

Sample Acknowledgement Letters

Sample Acknowledgement letters for sending, receiving payments. Acknowledgment cover letters for your business and personal needs.

Sample Acknowledgement Letters

Sample job appointment letters for employees and newly hired staff with terms and conditions. These appointment letters are chosen from the different national and multinational companies. Appointment letter formats for appointment of teachers, doctors, engineers, marketing staff, sales staff, executives, managers, directors, CEO, Executive Directors, etc.

Sample Appointment Letters

Motivation can change everything, your business, your growth, your goals, your life. So don’t forget to motivate your company staff. Find the appreciation letter here.

Sample Appreciation Letters

Sample letter formats related to the bank for all purposes like account opening to account closing, business account management to lockers et.

Sample Bank Letter Templates

We will be providing more letters and applications related to the bank. If you need any special letter just write in the below comments form.

Sample contract letters for business, employment, termination, partnership, payment, consultant, contract letter for two companies. Contract letter formats for mutual agreements, business agreements, partnership agreements etc.

Contract Letter Samples

Contract letters referred to agreements between two parties/businesses/companies/partners to perform a particular task under the signed terms, and conditions. Contracts can be made for providing services, consultancy, business partnership, supply of goods, and many other types of contracts are being made. We have provided some contract letters for your needs. If you want a specific need-based contract letter just write in the below comment form.

Inquiry letter formats for internal, and external inquiries as per your requirements.

Inquiry Letter Samples

Sample Inquiry letters to customers, companies, offices, clients, suppliers, vendors, price inquires, availability inquiries, meeting time inquiries, and employment inquirers, etc.

You can also browse for Formal Applications Templates here. In addition, we provide consultancy services and support to create official letter samples for business, personal, and professional uses. Whatever the subject letter you need, we are here to help you. Would you please write us in the contact form?

We create letters on demand according to the needs of our website visitors and valued clients. You can browse the below links for all kinds of letter samples for business, and professionals we have created for our clients are now part of our company profile.

Soon we will be adding all types of legal letters for govt and judicial purposes with the help of senior lawyers.

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  1. application to consulate general of india foe passport reissue but earlier than one year for study permit extension

    1. Dear Sir,
      I received the job termination letter from the HR department. I want to discuss the reasons and ways to find out any possible solution to the matter.
      Sincerely Yours,

      (Your Name)

  2. Ian working in bank .I want letter from bank to Lic for surrender of Lic policy of loan defaulter whose policy assign with bank

  3. I need a letter for a Lisa Hammond. Asking to meet with here I don’t have a current case in family court..

  4. Dear Sir.
    I need lunch time adjustment letter. Because my duty timing is 8 hours due to another person he is gone at vacation I’m continue working till 10 hours. I just want to ask kindly give lunchtime otherwise allow me to go home before 2 hours if you are not giving me lunch time.

  5. response letter to a concerned project consultants stating techniques or methods of how will construction work be completed within given time frame

  6. Dear Sir,
    accounts k relevant b letters upload karein na .. jo jo b issues aaty hain accounts main un sb k

  7. i am a proprietor of Security Service ..i want to give a request letter to a MALL manager for
    increase the rate of our security contract,because of the revision of minimum wages … as per the revised govt. minimum wages is very high, actually our contract is for one year,now 5 months remaining, Mall management they are ready to increase, but i need to give a request letter,,,so if it is possible please sent to my mail which mentioned below

    1. Thanks for your query. We will provide your required letter on Monday. Further you can explore this letter and change it according to your needs.

  8. I don’t understand how this works is this app to help me write the letter if I provide you with the letter I written can you turn it into the format I need to properly introduce it to the judge I’ve been looking online for this kind of help please let me know thank you

  9. Pls send letter for increment of salary for me,am doing too different work in my office and the pay is too poor.am Woking as an office assistant n a cleaner but what they pay is not incouraging at all.

  10. can i get a sample of condonation letter to Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for late submission of form

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  14. I am looking for a letter to send to employees for their many years with the organization. These recipients will be honored at a special event that we have annually

  15. Letters related to civil construction works – Letters to contractors for slow progress of work and of poor quality.

    1. OK.. I m work engineering coordinator at hotel.. All the time we get guest complain about Ac technician or anything else in side the room now on my side I need to send to the guest apologized letter…. Please help me.

      Thank you

      1. You can get your letter proof read after the changes you made to this letter. Please submit back the letter in this comment form. Thanks

  16. I really greatful to you people for doing the best.
    Can u please add the letter for store work ( i.e. all the letter releated to warehouse etc.

    1. we r menufecturing arch.product of ss railing.modular LN key nock down fifing. i want appo.latter from architect.

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