Acknowledgement Letter for Gifts Dispatch


Sample cover letter for dispatching gifts to your boss, ceo, manager, friend, business partner etc.

Sample Gift Dispatch Letter Format

Mr. Adil Sheikh.
Star’s Institution, Lahore.

Subject: Acknowledgement Letter of Gifts Dispatch

Dear Sir,
We are delighted to inform you that Ramadan Gifts for the students of your institution are packed, and prepared. Like before, this time also we wanted to celebrate this enchanting occasion with orphan children. It’s a sort of happiness for us all.

As per notified by your letter, we come to know about the enhanced number of students. We are glad to inform that not like before, 500 gift packs are being sent towards your valuable institution. We hope to get mercy of Allah Almighty by this act. Kindly, acknowledge the dispatch, and confirm it soon.
With warm regards,

Tehmeer Aslam.
Falcon’s Agency

Sample Gift Dispatch Letter Sample


Subject: Acknowledgement Letter of Gifts Dispatch

Dear Sir,

This refers to your letter dated —————– regarding shoes for the students. We are pleased to inform you that we are dispatching 100 pairs of school shoes as gift of donation to your prestigious organization. Please acknowledge the receiving.

Yours faithfully,

Signatory Authority
Industrial Relations Manager

Acknowledgement Letter for Gifts Dispatch

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