Format Warning Letter To Airline

Sample of Complaint Letter to an Airline following an unpleasant incident by passengers.

Complaint letter to Airline for Delayed Flight


The manager, Air Asia

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to make a complaint regarding your flight delay of air bus 308 from Lahore to Frankfurt. It is not the first time that we are facing such issue. Passengers buy expensive tickets because they have important work to do or to be at their desired place for any important reason. But I guess you people do not consider our engagements or tasks important.

I had a very important meeting to attend which I could not because of your poor service. This is not a professional way to deal with your passengers. We are not paying a handsome amount for such blunders. If we are paying well to your airline we expect quality service. The flight was delayed without prior information and we had to wait at airport for 8 hours. No one of the staff member was cooperating with us. I am really sorry but you have lost your quality. I am never going to travel with your airline again. This was my last and worst experience. Thank you.


Mr. Tahir Malik

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