Bank Balance Confirmation Letter Sample

Sample letter for bank account balance confirmation for matching the company accounts with bank statement. Use this letter to confirm your bank balance of business account or personal bank account. For balance confirmation from your clients/auditors or for auditors other than the bank you can visit sample balance confirmation letter.

Balance confirmation letter


The manager, HBL Lahore,

Respected sir,

With due respect I am writing this letter to you to request you to check and inform me the balance in my account as I have to apply for the visit visa for UAE and for the visa process I need this information, your quick response will be highly appreciated, looking for a quick response from your end. Thanks.


Mr. Raza Khan

Sample Balance Confirmation Letter

The Branch Manager

Standard Chartered Bank

Shoukat Ali Road,


Subject: Request letter for bank balance confirmation and Statement

Dear Sir or Madam,

I, Mr. Shafqat Director Accounts Department at “SemiOffice.Com” writing to request you to issue our bank statement for the period of June 2012 to date against Bank Account No. 01-2060299-01 and title: SemiOffice.Com. We require the bank statement of this account on urgent basis for our Internal Auditors.

Our Account Executive Mr. Atif S/O Mr. Ahmad, CNIC 33302-4893478-9 will collect the statement before closing of the bank hours today (Date: )


Mr. Shafqat

Director Accounts


Account Balance Letter to Bank Manager

Barclays Bank,


Respected Bank,

Most respectfully, I want to say that I am not sure about my account balance. My account number is 456827480348. I want to request to get my account balance checked. I shall be very thankful to you.

Your Customer,


Bank Balance Confirmation Letter to Clients by Branch Manager

Dated : 22-05-2015
It is certified that Mr. Muhammad Rehan is operating his Allied Business Account no. 0010006406400020 in our branch since 01-12-2010. His Current bank account balance is Rs. 1000/- as on 22-04-2015 at 05:20 PM. It is confirmed that there is no any outstanding balance in this account.

Muhammad Imran
Branch Manager

Letter for Balance in Bank Account

The Manager

Standard Chartered Bank,

Wales, United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,


I wish to apply for the confirmation of balance in my account, as I am the account holder in your bank and have been using this account for seven years. As I have neither used a debit card nor internet banking therefor no able to find the details about my own bank account except to request you.

Moreover, the day before yesterday my brother had transferred an amount of four million to my account. I need confirmation of this transaction.

In the light of above, you are requested to provide me the details of my account in your bank.

Thanking you.

Bob Jakin

Bank Account Balance Confirmation Letter Format
Bank Account Balance Confirmation Letter Format
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