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Cheque Date Correction Letter Request Format

This is the request letter for correction of date on the cheque issued by your client. Cheque date correction letter to the issuer because the cheque was not been presented within due date or 6 months after issuance.


Mr. Babar Ali

Director Finance

Cotton (Pvt) Ltd.


Tel: —————

Subject: Cheque Date Correction Request

Dear  Mr. Babar Ali,

We are thankful for your payment of transport services to Agile Logistics in August (Date). By mistake we could not present the cheque# 9(Date)69, dated 15 Aug (Date), amounting Rs. 5000/- to our bank account for clearance within due date. Now we request you to please change the cheque issuing date and sign the cheque again so we will be able to present it in the bank. Your payment covering letter and cheque is enclosed with this letter.

We shell be thankful to you for this act of kindness.


Yours Faithfully,


Manager Finance

Cheque Date Correction Request Letter

Cheque Date Correction Letter Request Format


Respected Bank Manager,

Yesterday, I signed a cheque and gave it to my worker with the date of 23rd September (Date) on it. I told him to submit the cheque whenever possible and he can collect the money on 23rd September. However due to some personal reason, he needs the money tomorrow, 20th September (Date). As I am out of city, so I cannot sign him another cheque or visit bank and change the date on previous one so I request you to kindly correct the date on it and cash the cheque tomorrow when he will come to collect the money.

I have attached the file which contains my details and Identification number. You can also contact me for further confirmation. I would be very grateful to you.


Best Regards;

Ali Haider



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