Rates Revision Sample Letter Format

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Sample letter for rates revision format for business clients, customers, companies, hospitals etc. This letter is issued from a courier company for revising rates because of increase in expanses.

Sample Rates Revision Letter Template

Dear Sir,

We at SO strive to provide with maximum value for money, and shall continue to do so in future. However, in the phase of continuously increasing inflationary pressures and escalating utilities, transportation and HR cost along with other operating cost. We are forced to seek your cooperation in terms of rate revision.

SO however has gone the extra mile for our valued clients like you by so far absorbing the huge cost impact by itself.

Although, we are taking all possible measures to contain our costs, the increase is beyond our control and we seek your cooperation to manager this economic challenge. Price increase would be applied to your billing effective 1st Janurry

  • Rate Revision will be applied 15%
  • All existing terms and conditions would remain same

We thank you for your valued account and hope that you will understand the obligation of this price increase.

Yours truly,


Sultana Sami
Manager Business Development

Notice to Clients for Price Increase


Project Director,


Dear Sir,

With reference to the telephonic discussion with you over the price escalation I hereby requesting you to approve the rates that are submitted to your kind office bearing our letter dated 5th August, (Date). With the increasing price of construction machinery and material it is necessary for us to work on the present condition of the market. As it is stated in the current contract agreement that the Client will be liable of paying the escalation cost to the contractor at yearly basis. So it is advised to look the matter immediately and release the escalation amount so that further work to be carried out in time.

Project Manager,


Rates Revision Sample Letter Format
Rates Revision Sample Letter Format

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  1. already iam submitted wrong bill to the company.now company not accepting for rate revise bill.so i’ll writing a letter to authority of company for currecting and revise the bill rate… plz help me for a letter…

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