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Thanks Letter to Customer of Bank

Sample letter from bank to customer for opening account and deposit of huge amount. This letter can be sent for business accounts, investment accounts, saving accounts with high deposits from company or individuals.

Thanks Letter for Account Opening and Deposit of Amount

Dear Sir

This letter has been written to you with reference to opening of an account in the branch of our bank which is really a matter of great pleasure for us. You have not only selected our branch but also deposited a huge amount in the account which has raised level our business considerably. Our bank here by thank you for choosing our bank and also promise to facilitate you with our utmost services.

Yours obediently,


Thanks Letter to Customer of Bank

Mr. Kevin Hart
Austin Lane

Sir, with due respect I have to inform you that we have closed your bank account as per instructions. We have emailed you the information of your account at the time of the closing. You were associated with our bank for the past 3 years and we were honored to you. Thank you for the business you have done with us. We wish you the very best for future add hope to see you soon.

Mr. Justin Neeson
Branch Manager
Standard Chartered

Thanks Letter to Customer of Bank
Thanks Letter to Customer of Bank

Thanks Letter to Customer of Bank

Dear Valued customer,

How are you today? We are glad to write you that your account has been opened and you can use it according to your needs.  We are sending you some instructions also for your guidance. Hope you will feel convenient to read and understand them.

We are really thankful to you that you become a member of our family and a part of a biggest network in/of the country. We hope you will appreciate and like our banking and policies for our valued customers.

Thank you so much,
Warm wishes,


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