Complaint letter for Damaged Property

This letter can be used by a rentee, hostel warden, a tenant or user to an insurance company.When contacting your respective authority, provide your full name, the date the damage took place and any undertakings with the other party as well as any pictures of the damage. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.

Complaint letter for damaged property in a hostel room

The Student (mention her name)

Name of hostel

Room Number


Dear Student,

It is stated that you were allotted room number (mention your room number) against you roll number (mention your roll number) for the fall semester which began from (mention date) and has ended on (mention ending date). It is stated as per undertaking signed by you, the room had to be in the same condition as our department allotted it to you. But, on the last day of semester when I visited your room, I found out that the door hinge was broken, distemper had been pulled off at certain points, there were unnecessary nails nailed in the wall, not only a studying table’s drawer had also been broken. (mention your damage)

As per the undertaking signed with you, you will have to pay a fine worth (mention the fine amount) else, it be automatically added in your fee challan and you will not be allotted with a hostel next semester.

Yours sincerely,

Your Post

(Your signature)
(Your name)

Complaint letter for damaged property in a house that was rented

Name of owner or real estate agent
State Postcode

Dear Sir/Madam (or put the name of the owner or estate agent if you know it),

I hope this letter finds you in good health, I am writing this letter to you to inform you about the damage that has been done to the house that is rented to you. The address of the house of is (mention address) and the house was on rented to you on (date) by (name of the owner) under the application number (mention the legal number).

Recently, we came for the visit of the house and we found out that the door hinge was broken, distemper had been pulled off at certain points, there were unnecessary nails nailed in the wall, oil stains on garage floor and the few of the sockets and tubelights were burnt as well.

Hence, It is stated to please look into this. I am very happy with the undertaking that we signed and look forward to remaining here on good terms. I have attached the pictures of damage. Could you please respond in writing to this letter within seven days to confirm what action you will be taking.

Yours sincerely

(Your signature)
(Your name)

Complaint letter for damaged car to the insurance company

Name of the Insurance Claiming Person
Email ID
Contact No.
Name of the Person
Organization Name

Date ()

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to place an insurance claim for my car. My car insurance policy number is (mention insurance policy number). The details of the car accident are mentioned below.

On (incidence date), I parked my car in front of a grocery store, in the parking area. There was a car that tried to park between two cars (mine and another person’s), but there was not enough space and it hit my car from behind. As an outcome it badly damaged the bumper of my car. However, I have attached the footage which was taken from CCTV camera of the store.

Under the terms of my car’s insurance policy, I do understand that I am liable for the any insurance claim I make with a solid prove. I have met the insurance representative and filed the report. I was informed that you will contact me regarding insurance.
I would like to inform you that I haven´t received any correspondence, any calls from your company regarding this matter in spite of my reminders during the last 4 days. I trust that you can settle this claim. I look forward to hearing from you and should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

(name of sender)


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