Complaint Letter for Poor Building Maintenance

Format of letter to send to landlord and telling them how the condition of the building is not up to the standard and it is causing them huge discomfort.

Complaint Letter for Poor Building Maintenance

The Contractor,

Dear Contractor,
You constructed my office building and inaugurated it last month. I was to move in the furniture today but a situation came up. Whatever floor I go to, it creaks. The floor bed is made up of a very weak material probably a B class one. Moreover the water pipes have started leaking within a week which is totally unacceptable. I can’t rent out my building in this condition.

The room walls squeak and make loud noises frequently, indicating that the cement hasn’t dried up yet. The wall pain has already started to fall off. Aforementioned issues are just a few issues that I have told you about. There are a lot more problems that I am facing with the building.

It’s clear that the building isn’t well maintained and was constructed poorly under almost no supervision of an expert. Kindly resign the building contract and maintain it well enough for me to rent it out. I hope that you will start working again on my building real soon.

Best Regards,

Complaint Letter for Poor Building Maintenance

 Respected Society President,

I wrote this letter to you to file a complaint regarding building maintenance. As we all know that Sunflower society is known for having best infrastructure and recreational areas in Johar town, so most of people prefer apartments in this society rather than buying or renting homes in other areas. However, no matter how astonishing or beautiful anything is, it will lose the shine if it care is not taken.

Many of the residents are disappointed as the buildings were built 6 years back, and since then no one ever worked for its maintenance. Unfortunately, some of us are even thinking of moving out from this society. The recreational areas are more like jungles. Children can no longer play in parks due to broken swings and long grasses and even going for a walk is not an option. The sewage system is totally demolished, water system need a lot of maintenance and many other things are need attention.

I request to kindly look into these issues and take some majors to avoid circumstances like to happen in the future.

Best Regards;

Ali Haider



Complaint Letter for Poor Building Maintenance

To: Management of Western Canada Apartments
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am a tenant in one of the Western Canada Apartment buildings in Vancouver. I am writing to complain about poor building maintenance that I have noticed since I have shifted here.
The building remains unclean most of the times with an unpleasant smell in the hallways. The lights are often not working and many areas remain dimly lit. The garbage disposal area is often full with garbage overflowing. This is a health hazard to all tenants.

I request that these issues be looked into immediately.

Katherine Gray
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



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