Proposal Letter for School Bus Service


Sample format of writing proposal for acquiring a school bus service to the principal\headmaster of school to make parents life easier in the morning as they have to be on time to their work as well which is far away from the school

Proposal Letter to Arrange School Bus Service

To: Principal Robert
California Heights Secondary School
California, United States

I am writing on behalf of multiple parents living in the new Meadow Hills area. It has come to our attention that there is no school bus service that serves the route from our new home in Meadow Hills to California Heights Secondary School.

This is a major inconvenience for all the parents with students living here, as we have to drive a great distance every morning to the area of the nearest bus service.

We respectfully request that you add a school bus service that serves the Meadow Hills area.

Claire Dawson
Meadow Hills, California
United States

Proposal Letter for School Bus Service

Respected Principal,

I am writing this letter with a proposal to please arrange a bus service for our school community. Many parents cannot pick, and drop their students from school. A lot of students do not have cars to reach school, and many students have to walk many blocks to reach the school, or go home. Using public transportation everyday is very expensive so I request you to arrange a service that will make the student’s lives easier, and allow them to reach school on time. With a bus service, students will easily be able to get off, or get on the bus at stops, and walk to their houses from there. I hope you will consider my suggestion, and try to help the student body.

Please do take action, and try to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

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