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Letter Requesting Scholarship Donations

Sample letter requesting scholarship from donations, Zakat or charity for studies and further education. Scholarship request for school, college and university studies for poor students as well as scholarships for students of backward areas.

Sample Request Letter for Scholarship

Respected Sir/Mam,
I am mehwish ehsan from Pakistan. Global Giving Org. provide me your link. I am a medical student and I need of donation for my education and for my family. I don’t want to leave my education at mid. I assure that I will return it to the donor as I get the way of earning.

Kindly help me and provide me some info regarding it. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.
Anxiously waiting for your reply.
Mehwish Ehsan

Scholarship Request Letter from Donations


Subject: Request for Sponsorship

Dear Sir,

I am 21 years old Jahanzeb Abbas Lasi suffering from Muscle disease living in Pakistan (Baluchistan) this is a remote area where Medical facilities are not available still I am living with this disease. I will never loose my hope, [organization] is the only my Hope, GOD bless Prof. Abdul Haq and Mrs and their team who is working for patient like me.

Since 1984, I have finished my 10 years of my school but in our area we don’t have school for further education. I want my education to complete, How people like me to get further education So, Please help me in this regard. I want to continue my education but in our Area we don’t have further support or any institution who allow me to go through my further education.

Please arrange education support/sponsorship for me I will really appreciate.



letter requesting scholarship donations

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