Format of Experience Letter for Floor Manager in Supermarket


Sample of experience letter for floor manager in supermarket, retail stores, Target Store, Walmart etc.

Experience Certificate for Floor Manager

Canteen Stores Department

Regional Office


Letter No.: XC-03



It is duly certified that Mr. Kashif, CNIC No. 12345-9123456-1, has served CSD stores nationwide for ten years. He has worked efficiently, and dedicatedly in capacity of Floor Manager, and Warehouse In charge. He has been found well versed in timely completion of inventory. Following are some of core daily workings he has performed during his tenure at Canteen Stores Department

  • Managing Store Floors
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Store Staff Supervision.
  • Supervision of tagging, and placement of goods
  • other relevant tasks

We recommend him for job further as a floor manager in stores, supermarkets, or warehouses as per his relevant skills.


Senior Manager Placement

Maqsood A. Mayo

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