Condolence Letter For Death of Father or Mother

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Condolence Letter on Death of Father

Dear Friend,

I heard the news of death of your father; I was really shocked to hear this news. I was aware that your father was suffering from cancer but I didn’t know about his critical condition since the last few days. I know that it’s a hard time for you and your family. You have all of my sympathies. You have to be strong for this time. If anything you need for my side you are always welcome.


Letter for Grieving Friend on Death of Mother

London, UK,

Dear Johnny,

I hope you are fine. I am very sad to hear about the demise of your mother. It is very sad news indeed which Joshua told me yesterday. I was in a state of utter shock. But I want to say to you that you should not lose hope and not grieve further so that you are able to take care of rest of the family members.

May all your family get stabled soon and may the dead rest in peace. Pay my condolences to all at home.

Your friend

Sample Condolence Letter Format

Subject: Condolence Letter For Death of Father

Dear Sir/Madam,

It was most shocking to hear the sad demise of your Mother/Father. Although this is Allah`s will ordained in his laws and indeed a sad reality of life. We accept it with a heavy heart as we all have to pass through this phase.

At Such tragic moments we are left with no alternative but to bow to Almighty`s will and seek his mercy and blessing for our dear departed souls. May Allah the most beneficent grant you and all your family endurance to bear this tragic loss and reward you for your patience that he has promised.

We are by your side in this time of grief.

With kind regards,

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Letter to Mention

Condolences to a Friend on the Death of his Mother

and Advising him for his good

Dear friend,

I am really shocked to hear regarding the death of your mother. How are you keeping after that? I know that it is a very tragic event which has shocked all of us. She was a very kind and pleasant lady. I still have got image of the good memories of childhood which we have spent together. Throughout my entire life she had been very kind and generous.

Dear friend, every person has to meet its maker one day or other. Well your mother had a natural death which shows that she did not suffer from the long severe pain from which now a day’s people suffer.

Friend, I would like to advise you to keep your patience. Patience is the key to get through such sad and tragic event. I know it is a very gloomy moment for you; even I became sad after hearing this shocking news. May her soul rest in peace and may his status be among the pious ones in paradise.

My sincere condolences to you for such sad event. Just keep your patience. Being the elder son of the family it is your duty now to remain strong otherwise it would hurt her soul.

I will pray for her.

Yours sincerely,

Condolence Letter For Death of Father or Mother
Condolence Letter For Death of Father or Mother

Condolence Letter in Email and Mobile SMS

I really condolence the sad demise of [name] wife/husband/son/daughter of [name] director of [company]

May almighty Allah give courage and patience to the bereaved family to bear his/her loss.

May his/her soul rest in peace


Condolence to my player lost a parent

To: Benjamin Jesse
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Dear Benjamin,
I have recently heard the news of the passing of your late mother. I wanted to express my condolences to you on your tragic loss.
We are all here for you, and if you need anything please do not hesitate to let us know.
Take as much time as you need away from the team, and whenever you are ready to return we will welcome you with open arms. We consider you part of our family and we will always be here for you.

Please take care,
Coach Dundy
Brooklyn, NY, United States

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