Condolences Letter on Loss of Wife

Format Of Emotional Letter on Passing away of loved ones of a friend

Heartfelt Letter On Demise Of Wife


Dear Mark Jacob

Dear Mark, I hope you are trying your best to get recovered from the sad incident you have faced. I image how tough it is to lose such a young and beautiful loving wife. No doubt Sara was an amazing, kind and loving person. But we cannot fight with the fate. Yours and her journey was for this time and I know she has left beautiful memories for all of us and specially you.  Life is so unpredictable and no one knows what is going to happen very next moment. I am deeply saddened and I was in the state of shock when I got the news. I tried my all best to come and attend the funeral but I was not able to get the tickets. I really pray that May you recover and start moving with life as you have a beautiful daughter who is dependent upon you and you have to take good care of her. I know that no one can fill the space of a mother but we all will try to give her our best. I am trying to come next month to meet you. Take care of your health and your daughter as well.

Yours truly,


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