Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal to Company

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Sample Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal of Design, website, business model or any new idea for approval from the company with proposal development timeline.

Letter for Sending Business Proposal

Nimra Asad

Manager Development
Guardian Properties
East London
United Kingdom

Subject: Proposal of Design

Dear Mirza Athar Baig,

Hope you are fine and will have a good tour of Dubai. As per our telephonic conversation, I am sending you one design proposal. This is just a structure and needs a lot of finishing work with your coordination. I make this web structure to fulfill all present/future needs and dummy text/images are been used. After the approval of the structure, the development and design work will be started which will take a minimum of 20 working days to complete.

This design includes only one main image[ basically that will be a slide show]. Please visit this link at and comment about the design and structure. This design is also suitable for Guardian Properties website. This structure is very easy to manage/edit/change without going to any complications.

I also request you to give your suggestions for any changes in layout or full design. After your reply, I will prepare a new design if needed.

Best Regards,

Minahil Sami

How to Write a Business Proposal to Companies

The CEO,
Generix Corporation.

Subject: Proposal for Business Venture.

Dear Mr. Iftkhar,

I hope that you are fine. Let me introduce myself, I am M. Usman Zaka, we met on international science Exp. We were introduced by Mr. Ali the Organizer of the event when I presented my prototype of the 180% more efficient radiator design. You promised to invest in my project and help me commercialize my idea.

I have modified some parts of the ventilation system which increased the efficiency by 40 more percent aggregating the efficiency to 220% than the conventional design.

I have attached the business plan of the joint venture for your kind consideration and I would be honored to work with your company and launch my breakthrough product under the name of your company.

I will wait for your response.



Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal
Cover Letter for Sending Business Proposal

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