Letter to Airline for Refund Due to Illness, Death or Medical Grounds

Sample Complaint letter to airline for refund of ticket, refund of advance booking amount, reimbursement due to death, illness, plan change, meeting canceled etc.

Letter to Airline for Refund Due To Death

The Blue airline

United States of America

Subject: Request Letter for Air Ticket Reimbursement

Respected Staff,

My name is John and I booked a ticket for Chicago last night and today due to sudden death of my close relative I am not being able to catch that flight. As I was not on board and missed the flight I want full refund of the ticket. The ticket is attached with the application.

I hope this will not take too long.

Thank you.


The Manager Operations,

British Airline Company.

Dear Sir,

Letter to Airline for Refund Due To Illness

Dear Sir,

It is with regret that I want to cancel my reservation that was made a few days ago for the flight to the United States on 17th February, on account of severe illness. As I was certain to travel with your airline but unfortunately got sick and the doctor had advised me of complete bed rest till my recovery from the disease.

It is therefore requested that my reservation dues may please be refunded at your earliest.

An early action this regard shall be highly appreciated and obliged from my side.

Thanking you.


Letter to Airline for Refund Due To Death
Letter to Airline for Refund Due To Death

Sample Letter to Airline for Refund Due To Sickness

Blue Airlines

United States of America

Respected Management,

My name is John and I booked the flight to Los Angeles last week. I was not able to catch that flight as I was not well. I am writing this letter so that if it is possible please refund my money as I did not catch the flight. The ticket of the flight is attached with the letter.

Waiting for your response


Airline Ticket Refund Due To Death of Ticket Holder

The Blue Airline


Respected Staff,

I am Roger and I am writing this letter to bring this to your kind notice that my brother Mitchell, who booked and paid for a ticket to Chicago died last night. He died due to heart attack. His death certificate along with the stamp of the hospital is attached with the application and I request that the total amount of the ticket number #1234 should be refunded to me as I am his brother my social security number is #1234. This confirms that Mitchell is my brother and the total amount of $12345 should be refunded to my account#122345455.

I hope that you will pay heed to my kind request

Ticket number #1224

Total amount #12345

Account number #1234899



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