Postponed Meeting Letter Sample


Sample memo, and letter to postpone business meeting in email for managers, executives, CEO’s, GM, Directors, Officers, Sales Associates, Marketing Staff, and other staff members of the company, school, college, university, or office.

Notification of Meeting Postponed

Respected Directors,

This letter is to notify that the scheduled meeting of board of directors which was going to held on 5th march had been postponed. Three of our company’s directors have requested some more time to form their report on the last agenda, and company’s performance.

Further two of our board members are out of the station to attend a seminar on directors training. Considering all these reasons we have postponed our scheduled meeting of 5th march. The meeting would now be held on 26th march at National Hotel from 9 am on wards. Any other agenda that any board member thinks can communicate to the chairperson of the Board.


Manager Communication, and Development

Sample Email Letter to Postpone Meeting

Dear Sir,
Monday’s meeting is postponed for three days because Dr. Rosey Director Marketing isn’t available on Monday. Furthermore a notice will be issued in email before one day of meeting. Meeting agenda already have been sent in the last meeting invitation.

Warm Regards,

Minahil Qasim
Manager DR

Sample Letter to Postpone Meeting

To: Promotional Staff

Dear Staff Members,
It is to inform you that Manager Promotional Activities Mr. Amjad has postponed today’s meeting, and now the meeting will held on tomorrow morning at 10:00 sharp in the Meeting Hall. In meeting performance of all the promotional staff will be discussed, and new incentives will be announced for top performers. In addition to this new schedule of a training seminar for the staff members will be announced after discussions.


Sanam Baloch
Manager Administration

Postponed Meeting Letter Sample

Postponed Meeting Letter

The manager, Net-sol

Respected sir,

This letter has been written to inform you that the meeting we scheduled this week has to be postpone as our CEO is going out of country due to some important issue that has to be resolved on urgent basis. We are really sorry for the inconvenient, and we request you to reschedule it on next Friday. Venue, and timing will be sent to you within this week. We shall be really thankful for your cooperation. Thanks


Mr. Mark John

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