Sample Letter for Flight Reservation

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Sample Letter for Flight Reservation

The Blue Airline

Respected Booking Staff,

My name is Roger and I am writing this letter to make a flight reservation for flight number #12344 for New York tomorrow at 6. I need reserved seats for 4 persons and the seats should be in the business class. The seats should be alongside each other. My Credit card number is given below in case you people have to charge to make the reservations. Make sure that I get 4 seats in the business class tomorrow. If there is any problem or there are no seats available do inform me in time.

Credit Card number #12234556


Email Request for Flight Booking

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I want to reserve my seat from Lahore to California on 27th April. Please mail me the whole schedule of 27th so that I can send you my confirmation letter.

I want window seat in business class in A610 aircraft.  Mail me details soon.

Waiting for your reply


Miss Amna Naz

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