Warning Letter to Students Format


Do you want to issue a warning letter to students? Sample warning letters for students from the school principal, or teacher to warn them about absents, misbehavior, misconduct, poor performance, cheating, poor attendance, plagiarism, indiscipline behavior, late coming, misbehavior, etc bad attitude are published below. You can customize as per your needs.

Warning Letter to Student for poor performance, attendance, misbehavior, etc

You can change the below letter for multiple reasons to warn the student.

Dear Student,

This is a warning to you for (misconduct, poor performance, cheating, poor attendance, plagiarism, indiscipline behavior, late coming, misbehavior, etc.). This is the first, and final warning, and you are advised to follow school regulations & discipline strictly; otherwise, the school will take action.

You have to submit a written apology for violating the regulations to the principal office within two days of this notice.


Your Name

Warning Letter to Students For Absences

Mr. George Bush,
S/o Martin Bush,

Dear student,

I am writing this letter on behalf of our honorable principal, who personally looks after all the matters directly, or indirectly related to the discipline. You have been absent for some days from the institute, and didn’t show up in the student meeting with the advisor. You have to come up to the student advisor’s office with a valid reason for not attending the college; otherwise, you will be expelled. This is your last warning, and after that, no excuses will be listening from you. I hope you will take this letter of warning seriously.

I will see you in the office. I am expecting you there on the coming working day.


Frank Underwood.
Student Advisor

Sample Warning Letter that Must be General

The concerned person, High school system, LA

Dear Sir,

We want to inform you that the reputation, and discipline of our institute are on higher priority, and one must obey them to be a part of our institute.

  1. It would be best if you reached timely in school.
  2. You must wear a proper uniform.
  3. No cell phones are allowed during school.
  4. Attendance must be 80%.
  5. No fights, or misbehaving

Everyone must follow these general rules to avoid any worst situation. We wish you good luck.


Management team, High school system

Sample Warning Letter to Student for Poor Attendance

To, Mr. Mark Will,

Dear student,

We are writing this letter to inform you about your short attendance in classes, and we are afraid to inform you that if your attendance is less than 75 %, you will not be allowed to give your final examination. It is an alarming, and serious situation for you. We expect you to raise your attendance if you want to appear in the examination.


Student affairs department


Warning Letter to Student for poor performance attendance misbehavior etc

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