Sample Letter to Claim Car Insurance


Sample appeal letter to claim car insurance for accident, broken, theft, stolen etc. You can claim insurance if your car is hit for any reason. Please remember to read car insurance terms, and conditions before you put insurance claim. For more Insurance Letters Click Here

Application Letter for Insurance Claim of Car


The Manager,
State Life Faisalabad.

Dear Sir:

I am Mr. C, and I have bought a Car insurance from State life which provide me accident, and theft coverage. My Vehicle got damaged in a road accident on 18th Sep. The damage is pretty intense which require me to claim my insurance.

The documents of insurance are attached with the letter. Kindly honor my claim so I can get my vehicle back to functional.



Letter for Car Accident Insurance Claim

The ICY Insurance Company

Subject: Claim for Car Accident Insurance

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that my Car (Registration No. IHA 1267) which has been insured by your company vide Insurance Policy No. ICY/4536/Ins/(Date) has had an accident last night due to which its bonnet, and wind screen has badly damaged. I hereby claim for its repair as admissible under your Insurance Policy. I shall be highly obliged.

Best Regard

Ahmad Raza

Letter for Insurance Claim for a Car

The manager, Jublie life insurance

Respected sir,

I would like to bring it to your knowledge that I had a very major accident last week. I was on my way to Karachi, and suddenly a truck hit my car from back, and my car banged with a tree. The car is fully damaged from screen to engine everything is broken, and damaged. My car is at the service station under the custody of police. I wanted to claim the insurance for my car. Details of the car are given below

Toyota corolla, Model (Date), No. 0982

Karachi registered

I would appreciate if you take quick action, and help me to get over my damage. Expecting a quick response.


Mr. Murad shah

Appeal Letter for Car Insurance Claim


Director Recovery Department

ISL Insurance Ltd

Birmingham, UK

Sir, the numbers of accidents happening in UK are increasing day by day. People are so involved in living the fast life that they do not care about the cost of it. I have seen many people risk, or even lose their lives due to rash driving. Something similar happened with me today as well. I was going home from work, and some biker ran through a red light, and hit my car. Fortunately, he survived with minor bruises. The windshield of my car cracked, and now it is very hard to see, and drive. Therefore, I claim the insurance of my car so that I can drive safely again. Thank you

Gary Schmitz

Birmingham, UK

Letter for Car Accident Insurance Claim


Mr. Whatmore

EFU Insurance Co.

Miami, USA

Sir, I am Mr. Harrison Craig, and I am a client at your respectable insurance company for the past decade. You know the situation of traffic here in Miami. People drive recklessly, and carelessly without worrying about other people’s lives. Unfortunately, such similar incident happened with me 2 days ago as well. Some drunkard drove through the red light causing severe damage to my car. Therefore, I would like to claim my insurance so that my car is in a running condition again. Thank you for your kind gesture.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Gates

Complaint Letter for Damaged Car to the Insurance Company

Name of the Person
Organization Name

Date ()

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to place an insurance claim for my car. My car insurance policy number is (mention insurance policy number). The details of the car accident are mentioned below.

On (incidence date), I parked my car in front of a grocery store, in the parking area. There was a car that tried to park between two cars (mine, and another person’s), but there was not enough space, and it hit my car from behind. As an outcome it badly damaged the bumper of my car. However, I have attached the footage which was taken from CCTV camera of the store.

Under the terms of my car’s insurance policy, I do understand that I am liable for the any insurance claim I make with a solid prove. I have met the insurance representative, and filed the report. I was informed that you will contact me regarding insurance.
I would like to inform you that I haven´t received any correspondence, any calls from your company regarding this matter in spite of my reminders during the last 4 days. I trust that you can settle this claim. I look forward to hearing from you, and should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

(name of sender)

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