How to Write a Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Letter for chief guest. The simplest method for writing a letter for chief guest or guest of honor is to follow these steps. Here are the following steps to write a letter to chief guest.

SampleĀ Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Mr. Faraday Brown
Florida, USA

Sir, with due respect I have to inform you about the mega event that our university is hosting. We are proud to be the university with the highest number of graduates working at your company. As you know that along with studies, it is important for students to see and learn from a living inspiration as well. It is not only motivating for them but it also helps them to realize where hard work would take them.

For this purpose, we are hosting an innovation seminar which would give the students a chance to show their talent and knowledge. We would like to have you as the chief guest because you have not only achieved so much with your learning power but also of the fact that you graduated from this prestigious university as well.

Kindly accept this letter as an invitation to the seminar. We have attached the invitation card with it as well which concludes all the required information. Thank you for your kind attitude.

Mr. David Arthur
Dean, Aerotech University
Florida, USA

How to Write a Letter to Invite Chief Guest

  1. In first paragraph of letter to chief guest you must explain your relation with the chief guest or explain why you are interested to call him as chief guest. like “I am grateful for your meeting with me at Annual conference of business college”.
  2. In second paragraph you must explain the event in which you want to call the chief guest.
  3. In third paragraph you must directly invite the chief guest and explain the objectives for calling him as chief guest. Also explain the tasks you asked to do by chief guest like “certificate distribution” etc. In last sentence you must be thankful for your chief guest and show your high desire that you want him as chief guest.
  4. At the end just pay thanks and Regards.
How to Write a Letter to Invite Chief Guest
How to Write a Letter to Invite Chief Guest

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