Letter for Death Anniversary


Sample Invitation for the Death Anniversary. Invitation letter for the Death ceremony.

Invitation for the Death Anniversary

Dear Sir,

As you know that my father died last year, and it will be his first death anniversary on the coming Sunday i.e. 22-2-(Date). I am arranging a ceremony to cherish his loving memories, and to send prayers for the departed soul.

I am inviting you, and all his friends, and family to accompany us on that day to recall the beautiful days we spent with him, and to celebrate his gracious memories.

Your presence will be very valuable, and highly anticipated. I hope you will grant us the pleasure of your gracious company on this occasion.


Your nephew

Death Anniversary Invitation

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Jones,
35 West Street,

New York, USA.

Hope that you all will be fine, and the children will be grown up to their teenage.  I am informing you with sorrows in my heart that the 13th death anniversary of our beloved Uncle James is on September 27, (Date). You are requested to attend the ceremony so that all of us can pay tribute to the soul of Uncle James in this gathering.

Do not forget to bring all the children with you. Send my greetings to little Sara. I shall be looking forward for you, and your family on that occasion.

Yours Sincerely,


Condolence Letter for Death Anniversary

Dear Jennifer,

I am writing to you for my condolences on death anniversary of your father. It is so hard to believe that it been a year. It seems like he is still with us. May God give you all the strength, and courage you need to cover this lose?

Thank you for your consideration.


Blair Jane

Letter for Death Anniversary


Dear friend!

Hope you find this letter in good health. I still cannot believe what happened exactly a year ago from now. It was like any other morning when I received a call from you telling me your father has passed away in a massive cardiac arrest suddenly. I was expecting it to be just another hour long call between you, and me but when you were sobbing I knew something terrible has happened, and my worst fear came true when those words escaped your lips.

I remember uncle as a happy, and spontaneous human being, he was just so lively. There was something about him that said positivity. He was a very happy person, and he absolutely loved making all the people around him happy. He was the true example of those people that makes this world a happier, and better place to live. I reminisce about the time when he came by to school to drop you, and your siblings, he will always meet us as your friends crack a few jokes, and give us some sort of funny but truthful advice about life.

He was definitely the coolest father I have ever seen, and just listening that he is not with us anymore I cannot imagine the pain you, and your family must have went through. Last year this day we lost an amazing human but heaven definitely gained an angel. May God give patience to your family, and May his soul rest in peace!


Your friend,

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