Request Letters

Request letters to convince other people for any approval within office, or within organization.

Request Letter Samples

Sample letters for requesting actions, approvals, available for employees, professionals, and businesses. Request letter is used when you ask someone in company, office, or any other place for something to do as per your requirement, or need. Request letters used everywhere in businesses, companies, offices, and in routine live. You can request for anything you need from the above sample request letters.

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  1. Need a request letter to management for upgrading senior secondary school as their is no other CBSE collage in our area.

    1. To Whom It May Concern
      Dear Sir or Madam,
      I want to draw your attention to the rising demand for higher education in our area(area name) reaching new levels, and we lack college in this area.
      Therefore I request you to please upgrade our Senior Secondary School into college. So we can facilitate hundreds of students because we have sufficient experienced staff, classrooms, and free areas for this facility.

      With this expansion approval, we will also need some financial assistance for furniture, classroom renovation, and some other basic utilities.

      We will highly appreciate any further discussion for this up-gradation. Looking for a kind response with approval.

      Sincerely yours,
      (Your Name)

  2. Please teach me how to write an application to chief minister of my state to provide free govt land to the landless

  3. I want application for temporarrey close the mobile member in english language.regard mr i khan

  4. kindly help me to write a letter requesting to give a opportunity to our company for the security services.

  5. please assist me of writing application to organization requesting for advance payment and on the monthly payment they will deducted due to medical emergency in somewhere else.

  6. I want a sample of speech to deliver to my supporters, when declaring my intention to contest for state house of assembly member.
    Thank you.

  7. Dear please help me I missing a Check for Companie so please send me Formet for re issue chrck request Thanks

  8. I need a sample request letter of credit note. Cause supplier billed twice into same item. In my purchase order only 1no. Need their issue credit note for the 2nd invoice.

  9. hi sir..
    i would like to know how to write a letter for asking a special casual leave for casting of my vote to be held on 9.3.17 …
    please quote me a specimen letter format
    thank you

  10. Request letter to the councillor & pastor for a recommendation or support letter for an inmate who is about to be realeased from prison.

  11. How i write a letter to the sales manger for one bottle secondary scheme for boost in sale.bcoz cold drink season is starting now.

  12. I would like to write application letter to the imimgration department for seeking asylum i hope to understand me

  13. I want to apply for the post of Barman in one of the tourist company please help me.I hold peploma in Hotel and my working experience is 12years

  14. sir plz giving this latter”commissioner of police,kolkata drawing his attention to menace of using mikes and loud speakers till late night during festive season”

  15. Please can you provide me request letter for transfer to another location since I am having language and other problems to work here

  16. Dear sir,

    Pls send me a format of – to adding my spouse as a dependent in my job profile.I am a bank employe

  17. Please help me out in writing a letter to my principal for 5days leave as I am going to Dubai to celebrate my dad’s 60th year birthday…

    1. I need help about writ one aplication i take one day off but our compani cutting two dayes salary so how write please help me

  18. Hi dear
    Kindly wanted to help me about how to write a latter to my lawyer for apply my viza to be extend.

    Thanks regard

  19. I want a sample of request letter to include the provisin for lateral entry in B.Tech in an university.I want to submit this letter to the HOD.

  20. I want sample letter for request the new headphones in our company need. This letter I want to send to my manager

  21. i’m requesting letter samples for sponsorship of food and letter for funding in big companies. we running charity organisation(NPO)

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