Letter For Student Bank Account Opening


This is a request letter for student bank account for any country like UK, USA, India, and Pakistan.

The Branch Manager
NY City

Subject: Request Letter for Student Bank Account

Dear Sir,

I am a student currently enrolled in the University of Texas . Your bank has sponsored many of our university events, and there are only your branches throughout our campus. I want to open up a savings student account in your branch.

I am from another city, and it’s difficult for my parents to send me money from there via other means. Therefore it is crucially important for me to have a bank account as it will be safe as well as a place where I could manage my budget. Please allow me to open up my account so that I shall submit the initial payment.

Please consider my request, and I will be grateful to you for your kind consideration.

Sincerely Yours,
MBA Marketing

Application For Student Bank Account

Letter for Student Bank Account Opening

Mr. Wayne Smith,
Manager ABC Bank,

Dear Manager,

I hope you are enjoying a good health. I pray for the same.

I Smith Manish, new induction in Yorkshire University as an Engineering student. During the submission of fee, the accountant of university has informed that it is mandatory for every student to have bank account in your Bank. So I am submitting all the relevant forms, and transcript of my previous degrees mandatory for this type of account.

Please consider my aforementioned application on urgent basis, so I may be able to submit fee, and be able to attend lectures to get my degree on timely basis.

Thank you with high anticipation, and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,
Smith Manish

Student Bank Account Opening


The manager, HBL limited, Lahore

Respected sir,

With due respect I am writing this letter to you to open my student bank account in your bank, the nature of the account will be savings account, please find attached related documents demanded by the bank. As per the policy, student will be receiving free check books, and ATM card, so I will be coming next Monday to receive them, and for other official work.


Mr. Tahir Khan

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