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Permission Letter to Principal for Late Payment of Fees

Format of request to principle to  submit the fees late as your financial crisis are not allowing you to submit your fees right aways, a little time will provide you with enough means to collect your money.

Permission Letter to Principal for Late Payment of Fees

To: Principal Brooke
Ontario School
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I hope that this letter receives you in good health. I am a student at your school and I can say that I am having a very excellent experience here at Ontario School. Everything from the teachers to the facilities has exceeded my expectations and I am doing very well in my classes.

However, I have a small issue regarding the fee payment.
I respectfully ask for permission to pay my fees a week or two after the due date. My father had passed away many years ago and my mother is unable to work full time, so my siblings and I are the earners of the house and we each have part time jobs. Unfortunately as of now, we are unable to make the fee payment.

When I receive my paycheck by the end of next week, I will be able to pay my dues.

I hope that you understand my situation and accept my request.

William Aaron



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