Request Letters

Request Letter for the Advance Payment

Sample request letter for Advance Payment Format for issuing advance payments to companies, clients, vendors, suppliers, workshops for repair, maintenance, and parts changing, etc.

Cover Letter for Advance Payment

Minahil Qasim
Director Finance
OBTC School
Faisal Town,

Subject: Advance payment recovery request

Dear Sir.

It is to inform that we may be at in the loss as we are having heavy expenditure for the repair and maintenance of the machinery at our factory area. Some machinery needs an oil change and repair and that requires a huge amount. So I request you to issue the 50%advance payment as early as possible.


Assistant Manager

Advance Payment Recovery Letter Format

Application for Advance Payment

The Vice President
OBTC School

Subject: Request for the Advance Building Rent

Respected Sir,

As per our contract with the landlady of our hostel building we had to pay three months advance rent on (Date). Due to your small pilgrimage, we remained unable to provide her the cheque of an advance payment. I request you to please instruct the accounts department to prepare her cheque of $1(Date) for advance rent of three months (Date)) as we are already late for the payment.

Thank You,


Request Letter for the Advance Payment

Request Letter for the Advance Payment

Mr. James Parker,

Dear Sir,

Hope that you will be fine. According to the policy of our company, you are required to pay half of the money in advance to our company under the agreement signed by you with our company for the construction of your new house. As you know that the construction involves the building material and the machinery for construction as well as the workforce to be hired, so all these things must be engaged in advance.

Please pay the money as soon as possible so that the construction must be started. Without payment, it is not possible to purchase the material for construction.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,


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