Request Letter for Gate Entry

Sample request letter for gate entry for employee. Gate pass letter for employees. Gate entry permission letter.

Request Letter for Gate Entry

The HR manager, IKEA US

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to make a request to you that I need a gate entry pass for gate number 3. The reason behind my request is that I live in a flat, my income does not allow me to afford a vehicle and I have to walk all the way from the bridge to come to the factory.

As you know summers have arrived and it is very much hard for a person like me to come to factory. I request you to allow me to enter through gate 3 as it is near to my house. I expect that you will consider my concern and allow me to enter through gate 3. I shall be really thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. George miller

Request Letter for Entry Gate Pass

HR office

Respected sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I need access to company from gate no. 3. I am residing in a place where gate no. 3 is very close to my house. It barely takes me 5 minutes of walking to reach there. However, I am not currently allowed to enter from there due to which I have to travel longer distance. It makes waste of unnecessary time as well as expenses of travelling to other gate.

However, if I am granted entry permission from gate no.3 then it would be of great help to me. Not only it will save my time but also travel expenses as well.

Thank you very much in advance for the favor.

Yours sincerely

James Hunt

Request for Gate Pass for Goods

The Chief Guard,
XYZ Firm.

Respected sir,
I just came to know that you are the chief guard at XYZ firms therefore I am writing this letter requesting you to kindly issue me a gate pass for goods sample. Sir, XYZ Firms just made a business deal with me and I was asked to deliver my goods the next week but, before purchasing my goods they want me to show them some samples of my items and then work out my rate list accordingly.

Therefore, to pass through the gate without any issues I would require a gate pass signed by you. Kindly grant me a gate pass as soon as you can so that I can continue with my work.

Thanking you,

Request Letter for Gate Entry from Employee

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. I am writing this letter to you so that I can ask for permission from you about the entry from gate number three. Sir the problem is that as you know I am handicap and cannot able to walk perfectly and I come from Shadat colony which is near to gate number three, but the entrance from gate number three is banned for factory employees.

Please Sir it’s a kind request for you to allow me entrance from gate number three as it is near to my society. It is about five minutes away and gate number one is twenty five minutes away, I know that gate is only for managers and other staff workers but please it would be so nice if you give me permission for this.

Hoping for positive response


Abdul Haq

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