Roof Ceiling Repairing Request


Sample letter for repairing work of home to the landlord by the tenant with warning of leaving home/office/shop due to damages etc.

Roof Ceiling Repairing Request to Landlord

Dear Amanat Sb (House Owner),

I would like to draw your attention to the weak position of the roof, and ceiling. Rainy season is about to set in, and the seepage is very likely to occur in the coming rainy season. The ceiling needs to be repaired which would otherwise fall, and my cause serious injuries, and even death of my family members. Plaster is shed off at many places inside the roof, and on the ceiling a new layer of plaster is needed. The roof, and walls may please be got painted after repairing to give a reasonable look inside. You are the owner of the house so it is requested to take an urgent action in this regard.

Best regards

Ameen Sadiq(Tenant)

Roof Ceiling Repairing Request of Office Owner

Dear Owner

This letter is to request a repair to roof ceiling. The roof of our flat was not in the good condition at the time we became tenant. We pointed out the fact that there may be any leakage which damages the roof ceiling. You assured that any such problem with the roof would be managed, and repaired by the owner. So we request to consider our application for the repairs as soon as possible.



Roof Ceiling Repair Request

The landlord,
(Enter House Address Here)

I am writing this letter to inform you that since the past couple of days the roof ceiling is dripping water, and is likely to fall down anytime soon , I wrote this letter a week ago as well but heard nothing from your end therefore I am asking you again to please fix the roof ceiling as soon as possible as I have a family, and this is dangerous.

Thanking you,
Your rentant ,

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