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Sample Letter to Close Bank Account of Company

Sample request letter to branch manager for close bank account of company, business, school, college, university or personal/individual bank account and Partnership bank account etc.

Bank Account Closing Letter to Branch Manager

The Branch Manager
City Bank,
New York,

Subject: Request Letter to close Bank Account

Dear Sir,
This is our honor that we were having our bank accounts in your esteamed bank. Recently our company management decides to move our company head office to california because our mostly clients are from California state. Our main production units are also in Californoa.

In the end of next month we will close this office as our most of the departments already moved to our new location.

We were having 10 business accounts in your bank. The details of the accounts are enclosed with this letter. Further more we already have withdrawn the balanced from all accounts. We are also submitting back all the remaining cheque books with this letter and account closing form signed by the Signatory Authority.

We are at your complete disposal of any further documents that you may require to close the business accounts.

Thanks for anticipation.


Jim Rohan
Chief Executive
ZAX Corporation

Bank Account Closing Confirmation Letter

Dear Jim Rohan,

Thank you for your letter dated 8th July, subjected Closing Bank Account of Your Company. As requested yous all said accounts are closed for any transactions like deposit and withdrawal of cheques etc. The bank closed 5 bank accounts of you company maintained by you. We hope that you enjoyed our services and in future you will prefer our bank for your company needs. We wish you best of luck.


Areeba Sultan
Branch Operations Manager

Account Closing Application to Bank Manager

An application letter from a customer to the bank manager requesting him to terminate all the accounts registered to his name

Respected Bank Manager,

My name is William and I am a customer of your bank for 2 years. My account is savings one and has an ID 45445-2423. I am writing this letter to you in order to inform you that I along with my family am moving aboard next week for good. I was given a promotion from company and I considered it. As I am moving abroad so I want to close all the accounts in your bank registered to my name. I would also like to withdraw all the money from this account. My ATM card and VISA card may also be terminated. As I am moving abroad next week so I want this work done as soon as possible. Doing business with your bank was a wonderful experience for me and I shall never forget it.

I hope that you will consider my application for termination of all the accounts in light of your kind views and will act upon it as soon as possible. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor. Thanking in advance.

Yours truly


Sample Letter to Close Bank Account of Company

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