Immediate Resignation Letter Sample Format

Resignation letter is a final notice employer for leaving your job or employment. Normally immediate resignation letters remain short and mention the one single reason only.

This is the immediate resignation letter i personally submitted when during a meeting a person talked to me with nonsense words and asked me to resign.

My resignation letter was very simple and explaing all the reason in one sentence. This type of letters normally do not provide further details of the incident because seniors already knows it or they should not be told the reason. So they can inquire feom other person.

Immediate Resign Letter to Boss

The President

Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society

Dear President,

With reference to today’s meeting with Mr. Saad Tawwab, I am resigning from the job as desired

Thank you,

M. Samiullah

Manager Resource Development

Image of the original letter is also attached for your review. And this is a complete resignation letter for my job and it was explained whole scenario to all tge senior members. Above letter was types in just one minute aftre the meeting ended.

Immediate Resign Letter to Employer

You can change the above resignation letter according to your situation. But I am also writing another letter which can be submitted in replacement to the above.

The President

Rising Sun Education And Welfare Society

Dear President,

With reference to all the discussions in the meeting held today, I am resigning from the job because I cannot work anymore with such a bad behaviour of Mr. Saad Tawwab. I apologise for any of my mistake.


M. Samiullah

If you really want to resign from your job. Above letters are enough to submit the resignation and explanation of the reason as I have done.

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