Resignation Letter Sample With Notice


Resignation letter sample with notice and reason for any job or position like a manager, executive, officer, department head, teacher, marketing officer. The first paragraph explains your resignation and terms/notice to the company. The second paragraph explains the reasons for your resignation. Finally, the third paragraph explains your experience in the company since you joined. You can use this as a template for “How to write a resignation letter.”

Resignation Letter for Job with Required Notice

Dear Sir,

I am submitting my resignation with the notice period required by the company. I request timely clearance. Best wishes for the company and its future growth. I am grateful to be part of good company.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

One Month Notice Period and Resignation Letter

Dear Sir,

I am resigning with a notice of one month as required by the company. (date) will be my last working day, and I request the timely clearance.

Furthermore, I enjoyed working here and learned a lot. Therefore, I am wising best for the future of the company. I am thankful to the management, colleagues, managers, supervisors, and GM for providing me with a great working environment and learning to become a team leader.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Resignation Letter With Two Months Notice

Chief Executive

Subject: Resignation Letter With Notice
Dear Sir,

I am Minahil, Manager Communication and Industrial Relations, tendering my job resignation from the job. As per the requirement of two months’ resignation notice in advance, this resignation starts from 4-Jan-(Date), and 3-March-(Date) will be my last working day at

Although I wanted to say much more, I strongly believe the reasons leading to this decision are not forcing me to resign, but here is a matter of respect for mine and my colleagues, and I will therefore leave them untold at this time.

I appreciate and am very happy having had the opportunity to be a member of “Company Name” for more than two years with all of my devotions and best performance. I also offer my best wishes for the continued success and growth of this company.

Warm Regards,



Resignation Letter with Notice

The HR manager

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that due to unforeseen conditions I have to resign from your company. You hired me on a contract of five years, but I have to leave one year earlier. Therefore, as per company regulations, I am writing this letter with a notice one month before my resignation.

It has been a great experience working at your company. The professional environment here has allowed me to learn more and enhance my skills. Unfortunately, however, I have to move to another state, and I cannot work there. Therefore, I am exploring other job options for which I have to resign from here.

I hope you will understand my position and grant me a resignation certificate along with experience. It will really add value to my career and make it easy for me to search next job.

Thank you for much for taking the time to consider my application.

Yours sincerely

John Bill

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