Sample Resign Letter for Engineer

A letter from employee to the company manager, requesting him to accept his resignation on fair terms so that he may continue his further studies.

Resign Letter for Engineer Due to Traveling Issues

Dear Manager HR,

This letter is to resign from my job of machine supervisor. Due to change in the residence I am facing difficulties in coming to work every morning. Even having a motor bike it takes me two hours to come to the workplace and the same time to get back to home. This is also affecting my health and my budget. So I have searched a new job for me near my residence in order to save my time, money and health. There is no other reason for leaving this job. I had a very good time serving in your organization. It would be great if my remaining salary and other payments to which I have right are been made available until next month.


Saima Yaseen

Engineer Resignation Letter

Respected sir,

With due respect I want to say that my name is Jon Snow and I have worked for your company for 4 years. Recently I got an offer for further pursing of my studies from a well-known university of Asia. I have decided to take that offer and complete my remaining studies before I further continue my work. Throughout my work I have remained loyal to the firm. I have worked each and every day with great passion. My conduct with other employees of the firm had remained good too. I have contributed a lot to this firm. The project of Three Great Plaza was completed successfully under my supervision. In order to apply for that university I have to officially resign from this firm. Respected sir, you are kindly requested to accept my resignation and based on my good work and professional experience, issue me a good letter of recommendation.

I hope that you will take my application under your kind consideration and will accept my resignation. I shall be thankful to you for this act of kindness. Thanking you in advance.

Yours truly,


Sample Resign Letter for Engineer
Sample Resign Letter for Engineer

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