Letter to Boy Friend to Introduce Your Family

Want to introduce your family when you want to be in a relationship with a boyfriend? We are giving you an email letter from a real example when a girlfriend introduces her family to her boyfriend. The boyfriend lives far away and the girl introduces her family with love, and kind words in a beautiful way.

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Letter to Introduce Your Family to Your Boyfriend Before a Marriage or Relationship

My dear, How are you and your family? It’s quite a beautiful day. As from my observations, you seem to be a very cool and humble man. I believe you will be my kind of man, I hope that our relationship will be nice and get stronger as the day goes on, it’s my pleasure to read your message, am very happy since we met this little moment, I thank the Almighty Allah for bringing you across my life, I was with my parents today and I told them about our relationship although I can’t say much about us yet but they are happy for us, my parents send their regards to you and they wish us well, we are only two in the family I have one sister, she help my parents in our family business in the gold jewelry shop, am a very hardworking lady with good heart, caring and respectful, I keep on thinking about you this few days because I feel you are a very interesting person that was the reason I like you very much I wish you all the best my dear I want to stop here hoping to hear from you, this is the photos of me, my only sister and my parents, with my dad sister.

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