Love Letter to Someone You Just Met

A sample love letter to someone when you met for the first time in person or online. Love letter the first time I saw you. When I first met you loved letters to send to your loved ones.

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Short Messages to Send Your Loved One

Whatsapp Love Message

Message 0: In the right place, At the right time, Can steal millions. Love is a whole different language. Having you is my good luck.

Message 1: There’s nothing better than spending today with the person I love most, and it is you.

Message 2: My dearest friend. Remember, I always root for your happiness.

Message 3: I just thought I’d remind you. You’re amazing. You’re special and wonderful, and I love you.

Love Letter to Someone You Just Met to a Girl

My Dear Sweetheart, My mind is full of you.

How are you? I was missing you a lot today, and I got your letter and some lovely cards. I am so happy because you wrote me so many beautiful words as feelings. Is it strange, honey, that we just met and fell in love with each other? You became my life the day I saw you when I talked to you and the moment you became my girl. It makes me feel like flying. Please do not let me fall. I want to live in this dream where you are mine only. I love you with all my heart and soul. It is easy to say that I love you, I know, but people say those words often.

I will prove that my promises and love for you are true, and I am a man of my words. It is so true that now I am thinking about you all the time, really. I deserve you; I deserve your love. It seems that I was waiting for you for thousand years, and suddenly you came into my life. I want to say never leave me, and do not let me go anywhere. I cannot live without you, honestly, and I am really nothing without you.

Do you remember when we met at first? It is a great feeling to remember how accidentally we met, and it was a beautiful coincidence. Honey, do you know it is raining here since morning, and as I acknowledge you that I like to walk in the rain, it reminds me of your face and wet hair. By the way, I really like your hair and the way you blush. Your cheeks look more awesome when you smile.

How is the weather, honey? I am sure it would be so romantic because you are there. I wish to be with you there, enjoy the sunset together, look at the moon, and discover how much the sky and stars look beautiful when we are together. I wish to write more about you, and I cannot realize how happy I am to have found you, my love.

Please write me as soon as you get mine, waiting for you, honey.

Love you so much.

(Your Name)

Love Letter to Someone You Just Met to a Boy


Hello (Name of Boy) I hope you don’t mind that I send you this letter, but I just felt that I had to tell you how I felt. What is in my heart? I don’t know; honestly, it’s very confusing as we have only just met. I feel that our first date went well, and I haven’t stopped thinking about you. You took me to my favorite place for dinner and took me to the cinema, and you let me pick the movie even though you didn’t like the type of movie it was.

You are a kind, honest gentleman, and I could not have met a truer person. Thank you for everything. I hope you feel the same, or feel a little bit of the same, or this love letter will make me sound lovesick ha-ha.

Yours truly,

(Your Name)

Love Letter to Someone You Just Met

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