Love Letter to Inform Your Boyfriend That You are Busy These Days

Want to write a letter informing your boyfriend that you are busy these days? We are giving you a real example letter to show your true love and inform your boyfriend that you will be meeting soon.

Love Letter to Meet You Soon

My darling as for me you will always be very special to me. now we are on a very serious practical these days over here, Just now I open my email to read your message to me and I want you to know that you are the only person I have allowed myself to love so deeply even though I may not read your email on time but you are always in my thoughts. I embrace it with Love, as the day goes on the more my love awaits you.

I may not be near you at this moment, but my heart will always say you are good for me, words can not express how l feel about you, you are like a flower that l hold in my heart. May the almighty Allah let the unstoppable love shower us. My wish is to love you today, tomorrow, and forever. May the almighty Allah bless you always and protect you for me over there to be healthy…

My darling I want to let you know that I may be a bit busy these few days because of our preparation for our trip to the USA for medical assistance, so I may be seldom to write message to you but I will try to write to you when I’m free OK. Honestly, I feel happy each time I read your message, I know that this is the beginning of our relationship and I accepted it with an open mind. I will come and visit you soon.

Because I believe that it will help us to know more about each other so that we can discuss our future face to face, although we have not seen each other yet I feel something very special exists between us… Stay safe and healthy my dear.

Love Letter to Meet You Soon

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