Application for Leave Extension Format and Sample

Sample Application for Leave Extension to extend or increase leave from office. Use leave extension letter format if you want to extend your leave for any reason like, annual leave, sick leave, temperature leave etc.

Leave Extension Application

Mr. John
Director Operations
Ashfaq & Company

Subject: Application for Leave Extension

Respected sir,

Most respectfully it is stated that I will be busy due to domestic work at home after Eid-ul-Azha Holidays. So kindly grant me leaves as extensions of Eid-ul-Azaha Holidays till solving some domestic issues (five days to one month).

I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Ayesha Ashfaq
Operations Manager

Application of Leave Extension

Manager HR,
Company Name,
Location Address,

Subject: Application for Leave Extension

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am saying this from regretted feelings that I was on leave for some days, but the matter for which I was on leave is still to be unsolved. I am working on the issue and it will be resolved soon. It need some more days so please grant me leave for two more days. I’ll be very grateful to you for this generous act. Thanks in advance.

Your Truly,

Usama Aslam

Sample Leave Extension Letter for Accident

Mr. Raheel Mehmood
Chief Executive
Bhatti Corporation

Dear sir,

I am on leave for medical emergency after a road accident. The recovery of leg injury is slow and doctor suggested one more week of rest. I am already on one month leave and now requesting leave extension for one more week.

Furthermore I am feeling better and hopefully join the office on 05-06-2017. Please consider my request of leave extension I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,
Ayesha Ashfaq
Operation Manager

Application for Extension of Leave

Dr. Mickey Mellen
Manager Marketing
Gloria Jeans

Dear Dr. Mickey Mellen,
I am Sobia Yaseen, Assistant Manager Operations Gloria Jeans East London Branch. I am on leave of fifteen days to visit my homeland(Pakistan). Due to flight schedule changes by PIA I may get late for four days. I had to reach back on 28 May 2017 and Now according to new schedule I will reach back on 1st June 2017 and join my office 2nd June 2017.

Sincerely yours,
Sobia Yaseen
Assistant Manager Operations

Application for Leave Extension Format and Sample
Application for Leave Extension Format and Sample

Letter of Annual Leave Extension

The Site Manager,
Arabian Ranches,
Emirates Road,

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I had proceeded on my annual leave on 20th October and was supposed to resume my duties from 28st of December.

However, due to some domestic issues, I may not be able to return as per the scheduled date. I would like to request for an extension of two weeks until 14th January as it will give me sufficient time to settle some serious issues.

Kindly also update the HR team accordingly so that they can change my flight from 28th December to 14th January from New Dehli to Abu Dhabi.

Best Regards,

Jagtar Singh,
Assistant Admin

Letter for Leave Extension for Holi

The Principal,
University of Queensland

Respected Sir,

Kindly refer to the subject as cited above.

It is submitted that I am working as a Psychology Lecturer in your institution. Upon my leave application for celebrating Holi ritual at my native region, I am granted with only two days leave which seems insufficient for a long journey and days to spend at my village.

Sir, my native town is about twelve hundred miles away and I have to attend this event once in a year. In these circumstances, two days leave could create problems for me to come back and join university in time.

It is therefore requested that I my please be granted with leaves of at least five days so that I could celebrate Holi with my family happily, with serenity & full peace of mind..

You cooperation in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Kareena ,
Psychology Lecturer

Sample application for leave extension format from office, job, school or any other working place. Leave extension mean enhancement of leave days in addition to your previously approved leave due to family problem, marriage, school, exam or sickness.

Write Leave Extension Latter Due To Renewal My Passport

The Manager, Nestle UAE

Respected sir,

I would like to inform you that my passport has been expired and it will take 40 days for the renewal, I am badly stuck here as I cannot come back without passport. I am requesting you that please extend my leave for more 40 days. I am aware that the work will get slow there but I assure you that I will coordinate through internet will try to cover my work in time. I request you to grant my leaves. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness, looking for a positive reply. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Fahad Khan,

Leave Extension Due to Family Reason

Respectfully, it is stated that i submitted my application for three days as I needed to go to my home town because my aunt was seriously ill. I am sad to inform you that she has died yesterday night. Its a genuine problem and I need to prolong my stay here. So I request you to extend my leave for three days i.e. Till 15 february, 2015. It will be a chance of gratefulness if u grant my request.

Thank you

Leave Extension Request Letter Format
Leave Extension Request Letter Format

Letter for Leave Extension

Respected Madam,

I am writing to request you for a leave extension of one week after my medical checkup. As you know I am suffering from dairia since last week and I already submitted one week leave application and submitting this for next upcoming week as per doctor’s prescription. I am not feeling well and weekness is not letting me move around that is why I can’t come to office. I am also very thankful for your call. Thanking you,

Khalid Sami
Office Resource

Application for Leave Extension Due to Family Problem

The Manager,

Dear Sir,

As I mentioned in my previous leave application that I am the only child of my parents who are suffering from illness now a days. Therefore, I had to take leave for two days so that I could take my parents to the nearby hospital for their medical examination. The doctors have diagnosed that both of my parents are suffering from dengue fever. They have been recommended complete bed rest and proper medical care at home.

Unfortunately, there is nobody else to take care of them at home in such needy hours. Hence, I shall be very grateful to you for extending my leave for one week so that both of my parents could get my proper attention and medical care at home.

I am thankful for your valuable time and kind consideration.

Yours Truly,


Leave Letter for Leave Extension

The Manager Marketing
Shams Cotton Mills,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that me, Muhammad Irfan have been working as marketing coordinator in marketing department. As you know that I have requested you for 10 days leave to join the wedding ceremony of my cousin in Lahore.

I will be travelling by air but due to some unfortunate matter, I am going through train. By travelling through train will definitely take time. Therefore, I request you to please extend my leave for 2 more days. So I can reach back to Karachi safely and join the office without any hustle.

I will be looking forward for your positive response.


Muhammad Irfan

Application for Leave Extension Due to Abdominal Problem

The Manager,

Respected sir,

With all due respect it is stated that I have been diagnosed of a serious abdominal problem in the past week. I am instructed by the doctors to stay in bed, take complete bed rest and rely on medicines to make myself better. According to the doctors I should be taking a complete 6 month bed rest and consume medicines for 6 months.

My previous requested leave was from (03-06-XX to 29-07-XX). I now request to please extend my leave for one more month making it to (03-06-XX to 29-08-XX). Granted request shall be highly appreciated. Attached with the application are my medical reports.

Yours truly,

Request Letter for Change Attention Name

Sample request letter for change of name on letter, certificate, invitation card, proposal, members list, committee list, plaque, guests list or any other place where you want to change your name.

Request Letter for Name Change

Accounts Officer
65-Infantry Road,

Subject: Change Attention Name in Regular Letter

Dear Mr. Farhan,

Thank you very much for your regular support to the AH Foundation from Multan Sugar Mills. Every month we are receiving donation worth $25,000/- with a letter Subjected Donation and this letter attention to Mr. Amin Malik.

We Request you to please change the Attention Name from Mr. Amin Malik to Mr. Muhammad Samiullah

Manager Resource Development

We will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Signatory Authority

Request Letter for Change Attention Name
Request Letter for Change Attention Name

Sample Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship for School

Format of Sample Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship in office, company, school, college or university.

Sponsorship Letter for School Event

Mr. Kevin Hart
Punjab Foods
Goa, India


I am Mr. Jayant Singh and I am the principal at JP High School. I am a huge fan of your personality as you are without a doubt the most hardworking man in the whole Punjab. With hard work, you have taken Punjab Foods in competition with the top brands of the country within a month.

With you being a former student of JP, I would like you to sponsor an event that is going to be held at a city wide level. It would not only help us in maintaining the name of our school but it would also increase the popularity of your brand. Therefore, kindly sponsor the annual sports festival and be our Chief Guest. It would be an honor to have you. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Jayant Singh
Principal, JP High School
Lahore, India

Sponsorship Proposal for Event

Mr. Bilal Naeem
Director Marketing

Subject: Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This is Urooj Waheed from LGS Paragon. I am sending you this request in purpose of offering sponsorship opportunity for LGS Paragon’s Science Olympiad, being very successful consecutively from the past three years, ‘ParaKration’. This request is being sent with complete expectations of acceptance for Mobilink being the no. 1 network of Pakistan. Advertisement in this event would target a large number of audience, specifically the youth. I hope you would look forward to it.


Urooj Waheed

Sample Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship
Sample Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship

Proposal Letter for Event Sponsorship for School

The marketing executive

Dear Sir,

Thank you for giving me a chance to talk to you about event for which I am looking for a sponsor. As we discussed, this event is well-suited for sponsorship as it appeals the audience which is relevant to your company.

It is a sports event and students from many schools of the district are invited to compete against each other. As the leading energy drink company, I believe it is an opportunity for you to advertise as well. It will be an honor to have you as our proud sponsor.

The event is detailed and consists of 3 day schedule. Details of the mentioned event, along with cost summary, have been attached to this letter. I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


The event manager

Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager

Sample Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager. You can use this application for any managerial or assistant managerial posts.

Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager


The manager

Dear Sir,

As a keen and hardworking candidate, I wish to apply for the job of assistant manager in your company. I am a graduate with degree in marketing. I have extensive experience in professional environment.

Having graduated from a well-known institution I had no problem in finding work. I have worked in many companies under different projects which have further enhanced my skills. However, with my given skillset I believe I can perform better in an improved environment. That is exactly why your company appeals me.

I believe I am a very suitable person for the job. I wish to seek an interview with officials as my resume cannot truly express my talents. I will call again soon to confirm my application status.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



Application for Assistant Manager


Subject: Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager

Dear Sir,

It would be a treasured opportunity for me to apply my diversified experience in the domain of management. This position relates to my 3 years of experience in various organizations. I believe that I meet all the essential criteria of the position which you will see from my CV (attached with application). I believe that I am well qualified to make an effective and useful contribution to your organization.

I feel my CV simply touches on the highlights of my career and a meeting will prove a better forum to discuss my background in further detail.


Your Name

Cover Letter for Assistant Manager Position

Mr. Mick Neilson,

Director Human Resource



Dear Sir,

This is with reference to your advertisement published on your website and in one of the leading newspapers of our Country dated xx-xx-xxxx.

I may inform you that I am an Associate Chartered Accounts from Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and qualified the prestigious exams back in the year xx-xx-xxxx. I completed my articles from PWC, one of the big four chartered accountancy firms of the United Kingdom.

Thereafter, I got selected by the same firm as Supervisory Senior to carry out financial consultancy services as well as internal audits. I gained professional experience of 2 years including one year in the Assistant Managerial Role.

Please find enclosed herewith my resume for your ready reference. I will be suited to your requirements and my professional attributes will become valuable aspects to your Organization which will surely add value and commitment. I am looking forward to receive encouraging response from your good self.

Thanking you and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Mark Boucher

House No. xx, Street No. xx

East hem

Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager
Job Application for the Post of Assistant Manager

Application for Rejoining The Job

Sample letter to rejoin the job after resignation or long vocations due to emergency without notifying the employer, company, office, manager. This job rejoining/rehire or rehiring letter sample can be used for any post of management, drivers, cashiers, administrator etc. Rejoining letter after absents/absence from office, factory, business, mill, hospital etc.

Rejoining Job Application Sample

Ms. Maham Ch.

Subject: Application for Rejoining Company and Job

Respected Sir,

It is requested that Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz S/O Taj Muhammad has been working as Electrician + Driver with Natlass Afghanistan since 3 years. I have come back to my home on 17-05-12 for a few days on Personal Leave but I received calls from the Natlass Company that I only return back after receiving any further call of rejoining. I am waiting for the call since last three months and yet there is no such call of rejoining I received.

I request you to please consider my request for rejoining even in new terms of the low salary. My leaves can be considered with no salary.

I am much needy and deserving person having no other income sources to take care of my family(including wife and children). I request you to please give me the opportunity to rejoin the Natlass Afghanistan Company and I will be thankful to you. I am available to rejoin at any time and day.

Looking for your favorable response,

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz
Electrician & Driver

Application for Rejoining The Job and duty
Application for Rejoining The Job and duty

Application for Rejoining Job After Medical Leave


The manager, HR department, Bata shoes, Lahore,

Subject: Rejoining At Job after Sick Leave

Respected sir,

With all due respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that I have submitted a leave application 3 months ago as I was suffering from kidney disease, I was diagnosed with stones in my kidney, as advised by the doctor I was supposed to start my medication and to have a complete bed rest for 3 months. I had undergone a surgery and I am perfectly fine now. I understand that work must go on and I appreciate your cooperation with me in this time of need. I would like to inform you that I am fine now and can join duty right after approval from the company. I am looking forward for a quick response as a have to continue the work. Your corporation will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Ali Khan

Sales department, Bata shoes, Lahore

Rejoining Job Application Format

To: Manager HR
Global Corporation
West Street, Rochedale, UK

Subject: Application for Job Rejoining 

Respected Sir,

I am Ms. Minahil Qasim. I have worked for four years with your company and performed very well during my job tenure. Four months back I resigned from the job due to domestic and medical issues. Now all is good, I am medically fit and domestic issues have be resolved. From a reliable source I came to know that the post I left is still vacant. I request you to please allow me to rejoin the job for the same post and monthly salary. Now after some relaxation I believe that my performance would be more efficient. I will be great full to you.

Looking for your favorable response,

Sincerely Yours,

Minahil Qasim

Sample Application Letter for Rejoining a Company

Sample application letter for rejoining the company as accountant, manager accounts, accounts officer, finance manager, finance officer, audit officer after a long vocation and leg injury.

Application for Rejoining as Accountant

Respected Manager HR,

I am Mujahid Amjad, was an accountant in your company for three years. Unfortunately I left the job because I wasn’t able to come to the office due to leg injury in a road accident. I remain absent for six months and I also informed the company through an application about my problem. Now I am good in health and want to join the company again. I request you to please consider my application for the same post I left “Accountant” and give me a chance to work for the betterment of the company. I will be thankful to you.


Mujahid Amjad

Sample Application Letter for Rejoining a Company
Sample Application Letter for Rejoining a Company

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship of Event

Thank you letter for sponsorship of an event to the sponsor with hoping continued support in future as well.

Thanks Letter for Event Sponsorship

Nestle Industries,

Lahore, Pakistan,

Respected Sir,

I want to say that I am very thankful to you and your company for sponsoring our event. It is because of you that we are able to do it. We are extremely thankful to you for your help and support.



Thank you letter for sponsorship

Mrs. Amna Manzoor
Brand Manager
W. Telcom
Gulberg III,


Respected Madam,

We at the AH Foundation would like to extend our gratitude to you for the sponsorship of our two-day event. Because of your help the event was turned a huge success. It hosted a range of sports such from table tennis, cricket, and badminton to football and long tennis, with some very enthusiastic displays of sportsmanship. The event could not have been possible without your support.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.



Sports Head
AH Foundation

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship of Event
Thank You Letter for Sponsorship of Event

Thank you letter for sponsorship

Mrs. Amna Manzoor
Brand Manager
W. Telcom
Gulberg III,
AH Foundation become able to arrange the event “Youth Games” for students of various institutions. This is all because of W. Telecom sponsors that played a great role to make this event take place in a lavish style. W. Telecom provides refreshments, sports kits and many prizes to appreciate the participants. AH Foundation gain huge success due to your support. Children enjoyed a lot. Your corporation in providing the help to organize the event is highly appreciated.
We are very thankful to you for your kind gestures for AH Foundation.
Thank you,

Thanks Letter for Support and Help

Faisal Town,

Subject: Thanks Letter for Support and Help

Respected Sir,
We are very much obliged by the constitution SemiOffice was made to our awareness walk successful which was scheduled on 5 July, 2013. SemiOffice has been serving AH Foundation since a long time by donating generosity. It has served our volunteers and the entire team during the walk by providing beverages. We hope that in the same way you will stand by us in ever hour of need.


President, AH Foundation

Sample Letter of Thank You for Participation

Letter of Thanks for Participation and participants of workshop, survey, research, event, training program, annual dinner or any other ceremony from company or school.


Free sample thank you email letter for attending an event. thank you letter for participation in competition. letter of appreciation for attending an event. Thank you for participating in our contest.

Thank You Letter for Participation in Event

All participating members
Dear participants,
It has been an honor to have you present in our event. Your participation ensured the success of our event. As mentioned in invitation letter, a certificate of appreciation will be granted to all participants. Winners will be awarded with shields. Chief guests will also be honored with an honorary certificate.
We hope to invite you again soon. Please keep visiting us for further events and their details.
Thank you.


Event management

Thank You for Attending our Event Sample Letter

Dear all,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend The Internship Fair –  17 and educating the students regarding the benefits of community service.

Your presence helped to make this event a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and funBest,

Dr. Amina Asad

Thanks Letter to Participants


Subject: Letter of Thanks for Participation

Dear Sir,

I, on behalf of [company] thank you for sparing your precious time for the [purpose] of [company] on Saturday 28th July, 2017 at [Venue]. Your kind participation gave us a great opportunity to share our endeavors and efforts with you. Meanwhile it gave an endless pleasure and encouragement to these special children who need nothing more than your cooperation, attention and love. May Allah (S.W.T) bless your exertions in His way.

I hope that your kind support will keep us accompanying to help these blessed children of [company]. You are a beacon of light that enlightens the lives of scores of such children by holding their hands and encouraging them to feel more confident.

It is an honour that you trust us and provides us immense opportunities to help these sprites to prosper and succeed. We assure you that your cooperation will bring a positive change in their lives and this change will help them to become a contributing part of the nation.

May Allah shower His abundant blessings upon you and your family.


Minahil Qasim
Manager Coordination

Letter of Thanks for Dinner Participants
Letter of Thanks for Dinner Participants

Acknowledgement Letter of Purchase and Stock

Sample Acknowledgement Letter of Purchase and Stock for office. Sample letter to inform the purchase department, senior, boss, manager or someone that you have purchased the required items and writing this letter as acknowledgement.

Letter to Purchase Printing Accessories


Subject: Acknowledgement Letter of Purchase and Stock

Dear Ms. Shanzy,

We purchased two toners from Mansha brothers for ramadan letters printing for our organization. Because one toner has capacity to print 5000 papers and we have printed around 6500 letters for Ramadan campaign that is why we purchased two toners. Now we have used one toner and one is available in stock.

Best Regards,

Your Name & Signature

Request for Purchase Order Letter

Letter to the Physical Education Teacher

The P. E. T. Govt. public high school Karachi,

Respected sir,

With due respect it is stated that I, M. Tahir class 9th j, need some shuttle cocks in order to continue our practice for the upcoming badminton champion ship at Lahore. We have been practicing since last month, the shuttle cocks you have sent to us are mostly lost and some are not in good condition. Please provide us as soon as possible. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness of yours.

Yours obediently

Class 9th j

Request Letter to Purchase Items

Mr. Adil Sheikh.
ABC Company, Lahore.
Dear Sir,
This letter is to inform you, that recent official purchase contains 50 rims of AA paper sheet A4 for official usage i.e printings and letters, as we had shortage of it. This was the total requirement of whole office staff. This is to acknowledge that till now 10 rims out of the purchased material are used and stock contains 40 rims yet. Further purchasing of mentioned material is not required.
Warm regards,

Tehmeer Aslam.

Letter to Purchase Stationary

Mr. Malik Saleem
ABC Company, Lahore

Subject: Acknowledgement Letter of Purchase and Stock
Dear Sir,
This letter acknowledges that stationery for official use is purchased. It includes,
Files 100 pieces
Pens 100 pieces
Highlighters 50 pieces
Staplers 20 pieces
Notepads 50 pieces
These items are purely for staff use. We don’t need any purchase of stationery yet as we do have items in stock yet.


Tehseen Ali.

Acknowledgement Letter of Purchase and Stock
Acknowledgement Letter of Purchase and Stock

Request for more Badminton Racquets and Shuttle Cocks

The Head Physical Education,
St. Peter’s High School,
West Brooklyn


I would like to bring into your kind notice that the badminton racquets and shuttle cocks are not present in the sports office and are out of stock; hence it is requested that more stock should be purchased from the market in order to continue to provide the sports team some practice.

Thanking you in anticipation.


James Holder,
Senior High

Request Letter for Stall Permission

Sample application letter to request for getting stall permission on festivals, parties, programs, exhibitions, fairs, ceremonies and temporary marketing from the relevant authorities.


Subject: Permission Letter to Setup Stall

Dear Ms. Shanzay,

Firstly, we thanks and appreciate your company for allowing us to set up our annual fundraising stall last year, in 20XX. We would like for you to grant us the permission to put up our funds collection stall this year, in 20XX too. It would also be an immense favor on your part, if you would encourage and inform your employees to support our cause and participate actively.


Your Name
Designation and Company

Request Letter for Stall Permission

Respected Sir,

Hope you are doing well in health. I’m writing this letter to you so that I can request you to give me the stall in front rows in funfair. As I have submitted application for that earlier but your management team gave that stall to some other person. It would be a huge favor if you do this.

Hoping for positive response



Mr. Hadi Ahmed

Application for School Teacher Job Samples

Job Application Letter for Teacher Job in School for all classes/grades/levels of Science, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, English, Arts, literature, Psychology, Accounts, Statistics and Special Education available below.

Application Letter for Teacher Job

The Principal,
Ecole Mondiale World School,

The Honourable Director,

Respected Madam,I am energetic, highly motivated, enthusiastic and MSc qualified, looking for a challenging designation for teaching sincerely, to contribute with best of my skills as well as learning to enhance my abilities, skills and potentials in a learning environment. At present I am teaching in Allied School as Biology Teacher.

Kindly give me the opportunity to teach in your well reputed school. I shall be very thankful to you.

Your’s sincerely,

Teaching Job Application as Mother of Students

The City School,
Little Angels’ School
Patan 44700, Nepal

Respected Management,

This is to inform you that I, Aysha Yasir, mother of Sufyan Bin Yasir have been associated with your system for about ten years now. I have been the student of The City School and the first batch that passed out was of mine. Then I worked as a teacher and then for about four years I worked as an English and Math teacher. Though I also worked as NCC teacher and taught SSt as well but I am keen to make my students learn about Math and English.

I am PGCC (Post graduate certificate training) trained as well. Now my wards are in your organisation and they are in class three and KG respectively.I am hunting for a good suitable position in your branch and hope that I meet your standard.

Hoping for a favorable response.

Aysha Yasir

Teaching Job Application as Mother of Student
Teaching Job Application as Mother of Student

School Teacher Application Letter

The Honourable Director
Ghana International School
Second Circular Rd, Accra, Ghana

Dear Madam,
I would like to apply for a suitable position in your educational institution. I have done BS Hons in Environmental Sciences from School of Economics. I have heard about an available position for a teacher at your institute. I would like to put myself forward for this great opportunity. It will be a great honor for me to be part of your institute.

After my selection, I will put all my hard work and dedication to achieve the objectives and goals which are required by the Institute. I hope to hear a positive reply of my application from you.
Thank you.

Yours truly,

Cover Letter for Teaching Job Sample

Respected Madam,
I have done BS honors in applied psychology from London College. I had six month internship in Sir Gangaram hospital  as a trainee. My experience in the field of psychology, where I would like to mention London school as a teacher, had not only polished me, but also made me capable to stand and act independently in human psychology.

I have seen an available vacancy for a teacher’s job in your institute which will initially start from a 3 months training period. I believe I have a lot to offer to this institute; hard work, dedication and sincerity are just a few of them. I hope my application will receive a favorable reply from your end.

Yours faithfully,


Job Application Letter for Science Teacher in High School

The Principal,
British Grammar School, Scotland.

Dear Sir,
I wish to apply for the job of teacher of Mathematics at your institution. As far as I am concerned, I have been graduated from Oxford University with distinction in Mathematics. After then, I completed my specialization in applied mathematics from London School of Mathematics.I have more than ten years of teaching experience to the students of O & A levels.

In mathematics, my fields of interest are Trigonometry, Integration, and Applied Mathematics etc. I always teach the students with full devotion and at their level of understanding. I assure you of the best results by the students in exams after teaching them in one session.

In brief, you are earnestly requested to please consider me suitable candidate for the job of science teacher and give one chance to show my potential and skills. My complete curriculum vita is attached herewith. Hoping for a positive response from your side.

Thanking you.
Jimmy Gown

Job Application for Science Teacher with Experience

To The Principal
Delhi Public School
Delhi, India

Respected Principal,
I am Salma Hayat applying for the post of science teacher in your school in response to your ad in the newspaper. I have done MSc in Physics from UET with 3.9 CGPA and have excellent communication skills to transfer my knowledge to the students as I already have some practical experience as a Physics Teacher and Mathematics Teacher in an international school.

Furthermore I have done B.Ed and M.Ed to meet all the required teaching strategies. I was very good in presentations during my studies and I believe that I can prove myself a best teacher for physics and mathematics and excel with quality stuff in students.

Looking for your response to appear in the interview. Please find my resume attached.

Salma Hayat

Job Application as Teacher in School with experience

The New School
66 West 12th Street
New York,

Respected Sir,
I have come to know about job vacancy in your school. I have masters in botany as a gold medalist and I have teaching experience of two years and also good teaching methods too. I am very much determined towards my work and career in teaching.

Please give me a chance for teaching in your school, so I will show you my performance. I have attached my documents and CV with application. kindly have a look on my application and grant me a chance for interview to present myself.


Application for School Teacher Job of Arts Teacher Without Experience

The Principal
The Shri Ram School,

Dear Principal,
I have done B.F.A (Painting) from University of the Punjab. I am writing this to show my interest to join your school as an Art Teacher. I assure you that I could be a valuable addition as a teacher in your prestigious school.

For further perusal, kindly find attached my Resume and Portfolio. I will be thankful for your response.
Shuruty Sharma

Teaching Job Application With Experience

The headmistress,
Queen Marry Girls High School

Respected sir,
With due respect it is stated that I am working in a notable institute as a junior teacher of class Nursery and k. g right now. Sir I wanted to apply as a teacher for your prestigious school. I have experience in this relevant field.

I have done my masters in Educations and currently starting M. Phil. I am a certificate holder for classroom and junior class management. I have 3 years of experience with good track record. Please consider my request. Thanks

Amna Khan

Application Letter for Teacher Job for Fresher

The City High School

Respected Dean of Students,
Hope you will find this letter in good of your health. Sir my name is Jon Smith and I am writing this letter to apply for the job of teacher. I read your ad regarding the requirement of an Assistant professor. I just graduated from a very reputable institute. My major area of study was computing and I have a very good hold on almost all the subjects relating to computing as well as I have a very good grip on mathematics.

I have a passion for teaching and I have also taught in various Summer School for kids. I have also taken teaching courses which also gives me a grip over other candidates as I better understand the psychology of the students. At this stage of my life I am looking for a profession to pursue and achieve something good out of it.

I hope that you will shortlist me and give me a chance to pursue my dreams. My official transcript and my resume is attached with the application. Hope to hear well from you.

Application number #12345
Jon Smith

Request for Joining School as Teacher for Freshers

The principal,
New York School for Interior Design

Subject: Application for the Vacancy of Teacher

Dear Madam,
I heard a lot about the reputation of your school with respect to your managerial abilities. One of my sisters is your student; she told me that you warmly welcome the new educators who want to be a part of your institute as a teacher. I am one of those who want to be a part of your teaching team to achieve your educational goals of best education and enhance my pedagogical skills under your kind supervision. I am sure that I will apply my learning more effectively and produce the efficient results.

I have done B.Ed(Elementary) with the CGPA 3.39 and looking forward to you for kind response. I will be very thankful to you if you will give me chance of interview.

Thanks and Regards,

Email Job Application as Teacher with Teaching Experience

The Principal,
Global College, Southampton,

Respected Principal,
With reference to your job advertisement in Daily Times. I would like to submit my CV for email subject cited post in your prestigious college. I am a Graduate in the field of business administration from a reputable University with a high distinction in studies.

I am a hardworking, intelligent and self-motivated individual with high confidence and leadership skills. I have a sum of 4 years of experience in the teaching field. The required experience mentioned on the advertisement was also 4 years. So it makes me very much eligible for the desired post in your college.

Please find attached herewith this email my up-to-date CV at your perusal and your further necessary action please. You will find my credentials in the CV perfect for the mentioned job. Kindly have a look at my CV for further information.

Looking forward for response from your side and an interview with your good self if shortlisted.

Yours Truly,
Kevin Pears

Job Application for Science Teacher
Job Application for Science Teacher

Sample Job Application for Chemistry Teacher in School

Dubai British School
Dubai, UAE

Dear Principal,
I am Ayesha Sam recently graduated from PU and just completed a degree of MSc Chemistry. During a visit of your school website I read about a vacant position for Chemistry Teacher in your prestigious school for O-Levels. As per your requirements I believe that I am the most appropriate candidate you are looking for. I am fluent in English Language and have strong knowledge of chemistry with clear concepts.

I also have six months teaching experience in leading school of our city and I am good in teaching, problem solving, answering questions, class management and controlling the students. For more information about my expertise please review my attached resume. Looking for a chance of interview and to describe the best of my expertise in a practical situation.

Ayesha Sam

Teaching Job Application for Teacher of Chemistry with Experience

The HR department, convent girls’ high school,

Respected sir,
With all due respected I would like to inform you that I wanted to apply in your prestigious institute as a chemistry teacher. I have come to know that you are hiring new staff for your Lahore branch. I have read all your requirements and made sure that I fulfill all of them. My details are as bellow.

  1. Masters in chemistry
  2. M.phill in chemistry (on going)
  3. Work experience 7 years

As I have read that you need an experienced teacher in relevant field, I would like to tell you that I have 7 years of teaching experience in a very notable school. I have attached all the required documents you have asked for along with this application. I shall be really thankful if you consider my application and give me a chance to serve your institution, looking forward for a positive response. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Amina Asad,

Email Application Letter for Secondary Teacher

Makoko Floating School


Respected Headmaster,

I am Hameed interested for teaching of biology and chemistry in your school on the vacant positions advertised in newspaper. I have completed MSc Biology and Chemistry from DU with five years of teaching experience in well-known and reputed institution of this area. My service certificates are attached for your review.

As a teacher I can perform excellent in teaching as well as good in handling the students in class. I wish to appear in the interview soon.

Thanking You,

Email Job Application for English Teacher

Modern School,
Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi, India

Respected Director,

I am submitting my cover letter with resume including my all professional and educational details and also explain my achievements. I am interested to teach English subject in your school. I will be seeking an appointment for interview.

Thanking you,

Job Application for Accounts Teacher

Respected Principal
London College of Accountancy
Leeds, UK

Respected Principal,
I am Smith, applying for the post of accounts teacher in your school of commerce in response to your vacancy announcement on your college website. After reading the job description and specification I assure you that I am the most suitable candidate for this post because of my educational background and professional teaching experience at Royal College of London. My all educational and experience certificates are attached for your review and to support my application.
I believe that after analyzing my documents you will be happy to call me for the interview. In short my passion for excellency in teaching always take me to new horizons of teaching methods to help the growing talent in accountancy colleges. I am also sending you a copy of my book named “learning accountancy” as a reference to my real-time achievement. Looking for an interview call and i will be happy to work with in your college.
Thanking you,


Application for School Teacher Job
Application for School Teacher Job

Sample Application Job Letter for a Teacher

HR Manager
London Grammar School

Dear Hiring Manager,

I Sumaira Ainee like to express my interest in teaching at London Grammar School. Please look over my enclosed resume. I would greatly appreciate an interview at your earliest convenience and look forward to meeting with you concerning a career of teaching to special children to discuss the positive contributions I could make.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sumaira Ainee

Sample Application For The Post of Teacher In School
Sample Application For The Post of Teacher In School
Application for School Teacher Job
Application for School Teacher Job

Hand Written Application for School Teacher Job

Hand Written Application for School Teacher Job

Cover Letter For A Psychology Position


The honorable Director
Subject: Job application
Dear Madam,
I would like to apply for a suitable position in your well esteemed institute. I hold a degree with Honors in Human Psychology from UK. I have worked as an administrator for Nians Ltd., a telecommunication company, Being part of this company I not only gained office administrative skills, but also developed Customer dealing tactics. With a base of honors degree, I hold an experience as a counselor for prisoners at HM prison in Derby.

Human Psychology is my passion, which has driven me to acquire a degree In the key discipline. I want to progress in this field and grow to a Level where I can make a significant difference to the lives of people In need.

I have heard about a vacant position at your Institute, in which 3 months initial training Is offered and will lead to a psychology job. It will be a great honor for me to be a part of  the institute I believe there will be a lot to learn and will give me a massive room to contribute towards humanity and its well being. I believe, I have got a great deal to offer where I work; hard work, dedication, loyalty, integrity and willingness to learn at all stages of my career. Looking forward to hear a positive response from your side.
Thank you
Yours Truly
Ayesha Waqar

Teacher Job Application Cover Letter Example
Teacher Job Application Cover Letter Example

Job Application for Accounting Teacher of O/A levels

Mr. Daniel Murphy
Roots International
Liverpool, UK

Sir, I am writing this letter in respect to the job vacancy advertisement that you posted in the newspaper requiring a teacher for accounting. I wish to apply for the same. I have done Masters in Accounting and Finance and I have been working with a multinational organization for 2 years. Let it be teaching other colleagues or children of my own, I came to realize that teaching is my ultimate line of work. Therefore, I wish to work at your institution. I have attached my CV with this cover letter. Thank you for your consideration. I wish to hear from you in the near future.

Yours respectfully,
Harrison Craig

Application Letter for a Teaching job of English Teacher

The City High School

Respected Chancellor,
I am Albert and I am writing this letter to apply for the post of the English teacher. Recently I came to know that you are in need of an English teacher. I have been teaching English in various schools for approximately 10 years now and I have a very good reputation among students as well. I am perfect candidate for this job as I have a relevant degree in the required field. I assure you that I will serve your institution with the best I can. I can also handle the debating contest in the school as I have a diploma in Linguistics. I am very positive that you will consider me for this post.

My resume and recommendation letter from previous institutes are attached with the application.

Application number#12345

Application for Part Time Lecturing Position

Dear Sir,
I came across your ad that stated you want to hire a part time lecturer of Psychology. I want to apply for this position. I have done my Masters from University of Bradford in Psychology. I have a vast experience of teaching and practicing Psychology in the most reputed institutes. Currently, I am teaching at the University of Sheffield in the morning shift. I get free by the afternoon so I want to take up the part time position at your institute. I hope you will consider me among the best applicants. Please find my attached resume.


Cover Letter For Physics Teacher Job


The Honorable Director,
Respected Madam,

I would like to apply for the position of teacher of physics. The position seems fit to my qualification and interest. I am looking for a career that provides me a challenging environment and allow me to learn new things in order to achieve my goals. I have a B.S honors in Physics from LCUW. I have previously worked volunteering at The City School for a period of 6 months.I saw your advertisement of an available position of a teacher in your institute. Which will initially start with a 3 month training, then hopefully lead to a teacher’s job.If I am choosing as a teacher, I will work hard towards achieving the objectives and goals of a school. With the passage of time I will show great improvement.I hope that my application will receive a favorable reply from you.

Your’s faithfully,

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