Paragraph on Pollution, Its Kinds, Causes, and Remedies

Sample Paragraph on Pollution, Its Kinds, Causes, and Remedies.

Paragraph on Pollution, and Its Types

Country like Pakistan has one of the biggest problems is POLLUTION, We have all sorts of pollution as we are self-sufficient in this sort of issues namely Dust pollution, Noise pollution, and moral deficiency pollution. The Pollution is destroying the face beauty of our Country Pakistan is a beautiful country but with the time  flux of Increased population, and lack of attention on the part of our Government ever since of its birth to keep the country pollution has never been  priorities of our ruling elite.

Pollution can be minimized of any kind by Plantation of Trees, and forest, using safe way of power generation, and effective family planning measures, and better implementation of Vehicles passing rules so that the vehicles producing smoke pollution, and noise pollution could be controlled.

Causes of Pollution, and Its Remedies

Now a day, pollution has become a dilemma for all nations of the world including Pakistan. Pollution is creating serious problems for human beings. Pollution has various types, such as environmental pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution.

There are numerous reasons responsible for these types of pollution. Deforestation, throwing of garbage at public places, throwing of industrial water in rivers, and release of detrimental gases by vehicles is the same reasons which cause pollution in our environment.

We can minimize the harmful effects of pollution by taking some steps such as growing of more trees, proper recycling of waste material, and proper disposal of waste water by industrial units. In this way, we can make our environment neat, and clean.

Paragraph on Pollution its Kinds Causes, and Remedies

For healthy life we need to be in a healthy environment first. But the question is that in today’s world no health area, or place is left. Every place is full of pollution.

If we talk about land, the garbage of societies are disposed of in empty area, and set that material on fire, but this is not the proper way of disposing off the garbage. If we talk about ourselves we are responsible for this too, as we throw the packaging of any eatable on roads, and in streets. This type of pollution on land is known as Land pollution.

Secondly if we talk about fresh, and healthy Air, so it is again very difficult to have fresh Air for breathing. That is why a lot of breathing problems, and diseases are spreading among people. The cause of it is usually factory’s smoke, and the car’s smoke which is the major cause for enhancing the Air pollution.

Lastly if we talk about water, it is again difficult for us to have fresh, and pure water for drinking. The polluted water from factories, and sewerage from cities is, directly gone into the rivers, and sea.

The remedy for it is that we have to be careful for our own acts too. For example we should not throw the wrappers on roads, and plant more trees so that we can have some fresh, and healthy air. Lastly there should be a system of canal through which polluted water of factory’s, and cities can be easily removed.

Paragraph on Pollution

Nature is very precious to human beings life as trees provide us with the very thing that we need to live oxygen.  Pollution on a global scale has reached an all-time high over the last few years. This is due to fossil fuels such as coal, oils, and natural gasses for example methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

Humans are using these daily for petrol in vehicles, for heating in power plants even in agriculture when they use chemicals like ammonia one of the most deadly gasses in our atmosphere. There are four types of renewable energy sources they are hydro-power, geothermal, wind, and solar. Solar power is the most commonly one that is used aside from wind. Solar energy generates electricity from the light, and heat that panels harness from the sun.

This is one of the alternatives to fossil fuels. It is clean energy that doesn’t cause any pollution, and is very reliable. Solar panels use little to no water at all whereas power plants use steam to generate electricity, and harms the landscape around it.  The actual panels that are used make no sound, and are completely silent. This is just one of the solutions on how we can stop pollution however we need to do this as a whole world if everyone helped even a little bit then eventually things will change.

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