Emotional Personal Statement by a Student

This kind of personal statement can be used for college, university, and school applications. You can modify the statement according to your needs, and circumstances. But please make sure that universities stamp statements taken from internet as plagiarized material. This is just to give you an idea now how to write the statement. This is one of the ideal formats of personal statements.

PERSONAL STATEMENT For Electrical Engineering

The girl in the mirror looks like me; but her eyes don’t look like mine. Mine were innocent, and scared, but hers are cold, and fearless. She looks stronger than me because of the sacrifices she knows her mother gave to pull off from the in laws which have yet not accepted the fact of her to study. It is hard to accept that this girl is me, but this is who I need to be now. This is the reality. So I don’t mind accepting the new me as long as I can still hope that somewhere inside her still lies the old me that will re-live once the sacrifices pay off.I cannot pinpoint exactly who I owe my zest for life, and hope for future that lies ahead full of promise stretching like golden ripe corn swaying in the gentle summer breeze but I can say for sure that my mother’s sentence “I have my complete fate in you, and you can do thisi” from year (Date) till (Date) will stay etched in my memory.

I wish I could start off as the daughter of a Mill-owner, or the sister of a politician. I wish I could write about (mention name) who stars in Holly wood- like fantasies, or won several international competitions because she had the freedom to study. These claims would be at worst outright lies. Who am I? I am the product of passion, and my mother’s sacrifices. Before anything, I am myself; I am me. I am Asna.

“Why do you want to be an engineer?,” they ask, “My childhood dream”, I say. This is a lie which I reveal today; I have burnt my midnight oils to keep up my academic record because the world bet upon my mother’s words, and her status. Sounds dramatic, right? But this is the cruel reality of my life.

Im basically a hopeless romantic who is passionately curious. Let it be the floating pieces of jigsaw puzzle that collide with each other, not physically but verbally, sometimes symbiotically, or otherwise parasitically. Or Let it be flirting of particles with their antiparticles.

Anyways, fast forward, the same girl got selected for the many debating competition, ABCD, and won medals for her house. Became Brand Ambassador of ABCD for Academic Gym for Higher Achievers (ABCD) (Date)-(Date), became Founder of One Step Thousand Smiles , Won Kassotyat 18th All Pakistan Science Fair – ABCD, became Maths President of (mention name) ((Date)), and President Science Society ((Date)), Ambassador of Nature Guardians ,Head Delegate of many Delegations which participated in Competitions like Innoventions, Maths Mania, Spelling Bee, Was the Event Head of Ravi Youth Odyssey (National),wrote an essay on “Mothers” which was widely expected, and was interviewed by a renowned TV Channel “Geo”, nominated for National Mohammadi Award , received many Merits certificates for academics, and have been a gold, and silver medalist for excellent academic performance.

Why EE? We are, each of us, a little universe. I love the way our universe flirts. In just centuries, we have come from telephoneto working on the Doremon’s Anywhere. Millions of bulbs lighting up a city at night, microwaves communicate words across oceans, the means to reproduce and re-live sounds, and sights, electricity has transformed all of humanity in a few short, and increasingly hectic generations. The ability of electrical engineers to flirt with electrons has worked wonders. Impressed by these phenomenal advancements, I am ambitious to join the wonderful people who relentlessly strive to change our lives for the better.

I could only envision the life inside red brick building till the time I was selected for Academic Gym of High Achievers by ()and became an ambassador of the City School for (). In non-academic module sessions, ()  provided us with the kind of environment required for critical thinking, and analysis where a taboo didn’t remain one anymore. () is the ideal multicultural environment akin to an ancient city-state where all live in harmony with tolerance. More than a university, () is a platform.

Furthermore, () has charming stand where I can get quality education. So I will interact with talented students, teachers, and industry professionals. I believe that I will be able to contribute, and learn from the academically challenging environment at ()

Taking everything into consideration, I totally realize that the inaccurate statements may cause my offer application refusal. I believe that I will be able to study in the academically challenging environment at (), as a good student with a higher grade. I will always pursue all the rules, and regulations. I look forward for your positive response, and I really appreciate your time, and consideration.

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