Fundraising Manager Job Description for NGOs

Sample job description of fundraising managers in NGOs, charities, trusts, and other types of organizations collection funds for welfare projects. Here is a sample available for your review. You can edit and update as per your requirements.

Job Description of Manager Fundraising & Marketing

Details of the Candidate:

  • Name: ___________
  • Job title: Manager Marketing & Fundraising
  • Department: Marketing & Fundraising
  • Job location: _________________
  • Reports to: Mention the designations you will be reporting
  • Purpose of the job: Fund Raising, and Marketing

Job Tasks & Key Responsibilities for a Fundraising Manager

  1. Follow up calls to new & old Donors
  2. Preparation and Dispatch of Letters to companies, wealthy indivuduals and donors
  3. Managing, Sorting, and Recordkeeping of donors
  4. Managing digital donation acceptance portals
  5. Registration into new digital platforms for fundraising
  6. Managing Online Donation Records and Followups
  7. Management of Banking Channel Donations
  8. Planning, Organizing and Monitoring Promotions on Social Media, Radio, and TV Channels
  9. Engaging volunteers in fundraising activities
  10. Managing and Updating Presentations and Materials(flyers, brochures etc) for Donations Appeals
  11. Planning, Organizing and Monitoring Traditional Marketing and Fundraising Activities
  12. Planning Annual Fundraising Campaigns
  13. Planning and Executing Fundraising Campaigns in Schools, Colleges and Universities
  14. Managing Sponsorships for Promotional materials like Brochure and Newsletter
  15. Orginazing and Monitoring New Fundraising Channels
  16. Planning, Organizing and Monitoring Creative Campaigns with High ROI

There is a lot more missing from the above job description for a fundraising manager. You can edit and customize this job description as per your projects or organizational requirements. Furthermore, you can comment if you have any questions.

Major Fundraising Channels

  • Letters
  • Flyers Distribution
  • Online Crowd Funding Platforms
  • Banking Channels
  • Donations Boxes
  • Personal Visits and Meetings with Individual Donors and Companies
  • References
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