Speech on Life in Rural Areas

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Speech on Rural Livelihoods, and Food Security

Today the issue that we will discuss is not the most talked about issues in recent times. The issues that are being prioritized in present age are always the center focus of being urban whereas there is not even one issue being highlighted related to rural roots. We as a society always tend to ignore the fact that rural people also have as many rights as us, and they are always seen as the people that do not have any say in all the important matters of the country.

There is no doubt that rural people follow a relatively simpler lifestyle comparing to urban people’s lifestyle. Life in a small town, or village is not that exciting as life in big cities that provides more facilities, more entertainment, and definitely more opportunities. But that does not mean that there should be no development plan when it comes to small towns, or villages. In fact those people are way handy than urban citizens.

Urban lifestyle consists of spending the money in exchange with some sort of service, and not doing anything yourself except for work, whereas rural people are used to doing everything themselves from growing vegetables to yielding fields there is nothing that those people cannot do. There are definitely some visible benefits to this habit including clean food, and pure from any chemicals but that also means having a very limited choice, and a long waiting for that naturally grown food to be ripe enough to be able to eat.

There are definitely some pros, and cons in living either way but there is no doubt with the speed of urbanization the rural areas left are to be cherished.

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