Speech on human rights in english

Format Of Speech on the topic of human rights to present infront of a school, or university crowd.

Public Speaking On Human Rights

We are gathered here to celebrate the diversity in this amazing country today. Diversity is something that makes countries great. It does not only show that we all humans are beautifully different but it also shows that we human beings have a tendency to acknowledge the individuality of each other. When I look around myself today the world has changed a lot from what it used to be few years back, in some things it has definitely progressed like the technology, and the education, and most importantly in recent times the women rights but it has also gone darker from the other side it’s the attitude towards minority the unwelcoming behavior of few political leader. I just want everyone who can listen to me at this very moment to always treat the other person as a human being first not as a nationality, race, or religion but just as a person who might be a little different looking but having all the same right as yours. No race, or no religion is superior than humanity. The last few years have seen some drastic changes when it came to women rights, and the result has been so positive people are acknowledging the contribution a women has to offer to the economy of a society now. The objectification has been asked to do less, and competency is what they should be judged on by now. Today we see that where one country has closed it gates on the immigrants today has disappointed the people around the globe, and another equally competent country who has open the doors to their country has won the heart of people all around the world. Whenever human rights will be suppressed that country will lose its equilibrium state after a while, and whenever a country will acknowledge how precious every human life is it will be prosperous, and successful.

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