Letter Asking for Permission to Use Mobile Phone

Sample letter asking permission to use mobile/cell phone, or bring a cell phone to school, college, university, office, or company, etc. Sample letter asking permission to bring cell phones to school.

Mobile Use Permission in Company

The Manager of Operations,
Three-Star Logistics, London.
Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that the undersigned has been working as a computer operator for your company since (Date). My job description is to prepare a database of all incoming, and outgoing goods. Along with this, I have to keep a strong liaison with other companies, and clients.

In this situation, the use of mobile phones is compulsory, and mandatory for the accomplishment of all assigned tasks by the senior management.

In the light of the above-mentioned facts, you are requested that I may please be allowed to use my mobile phone during duty hours at the place of duty.

Your cooperation in this regard shall be highly appreciated.



Letter for Permission to Use Mobile Phone

The manager, of Pepsi Co

Respected sir,

With due respect, it is stated that my wife is not well, she has asthma, and due to a change in weather she has serious chest conjunction. As per the policy of the company, one cannot use a mobile phone during working hours but I have a serious issue, my wife needs to inform me about her condition after every 2 hours. She is mostly alone at home which is why I ask her to keep me updated about her health.

I request you to allow me to use my phone just to receive her call, or to make a call to her. I assure you that the phone will be solely used for this purpose only. I hope you will understand my concern, and will allow me to use the cell phone during working hours. I shall be grateful to you. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. A. George

Letter Asking Permission to Use Mobile in Company

Dear Sir,
with due reverence, it is to state that my work conditions require me to use cell phones within the company. I have to travel a distance to come to work. I leave my family behind which cannot reach me in time of need because there is no other mode of communication.  The company does not allow usage of mobile phones.

Mobile phones have become an important gadget in modern times. A mobile phone can help not only in my personal life but can also increase my work efficiency. It is therefore humbly requested that the use of a mobile phone be permitted to me so that I can work in a peaceful state of mind.
I shall be very thankful to you.


Permission to Use Mobile in Company

I’m writing to you to discuss the subject of the use of mobile phones in the company. This is an informal letter but I do hope you will consider what is said.

At the moment it is company policy of struck no use of mobile phones for privacy purposes. However most of your employees have families, and that is including you. When a member of their family a child wife, or parent is suddenly sick, or in the hospital how will they know, or be informed? Your employees are asking for permission to have their phones kept on their desks like normal but turned on, and can answer if an emergency.

I do hope that you get the point, and consider this.


Client’s name

Request to Use Mobile in Office

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well. Sir, I am writing this to you so that I can inform you that yesterday the lady in the post of HR (or the name of the lady) showed very rude behavior toward me on using my mobile phone in the office. I know this is against the rules of the office.

So I want you to please allow me to use my phone in the office, as my mother is very sensitive about me, and she calls every time to stay in touch, and I can’t reject the phone calls my mother, so please it is a request to give me permission of using the phone in the office.



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  1. Application to the principal by the teacher to get permission to carry mobile phone in the class…so that she click the classwork and send it in the whatsapp group…

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