Letter to Attorney Requesting Legal Services

In the below sample, we will help you write your own customized letter to the attorney requesting legal services. How to write a letter to a lawyer to hire for representation. Sample letter to attorney requesting the status of the case. Sample letter to an attorney for settlement.

Sample Letter to Attorney Asking for Help in Court Case

Matt, and Murdoch Legal Services
United States of America

Respected Staff,

My name is William, and I am a stockbroker. I need some legal services. I have attached the details of my problem, and my assets with the application. I have heard a lot about how good you are at all this, that is why I am contacting you, and I hope you will provide me legal services, and get me out of this troublesome situation.

I hope you will respond to me positively.

Thank you.


Letter to Attorney Requesting Representation in the Court

The Attorney,
XYZ Lawyer Firms.

Dear Mr.XYZ.
I have been trying to approach you through various channels over the past couple of weeks, but you seem extremely busy. After all, being one of the best attorneys in town come with a lot of responsibilities.

Sir, I am writing this letter to request your time, and your services. I have decided to start my own business, and make sure that it grows in the future. I have already set up the location, and the nature of my business. I shall be dealing in “Women Clothing”. Although there are many businessmen out there dealing in the same business that I am, I’ll make sure to provide my customers with the best clothing quality, and at cheap rates.

Sir, I went to the concerning authorities to register my brand, and my location as a legal one but, they asked me for some legal documents that need to be provided no matter what. This is where I need you, and I need you to manage all of my legal documentation, and my legal papers enabling you to get me registered. The sooner I start my business, the better, as the market is booming right now.

I hope that you will find my matter concerning, and help me with your skillset.

Thanking you,

Letter to Lawyer Requesting Legal Services

Mr. James,
ABC Associates,
South Wales.

I hope that you will be fine. It is stated that I have filed a suit for damages against DBT Co. Inc. on account of a tort committed by them on my warehouse. They had lent my warehouse on lease for 2 years, but they started constructing building parts on my land without sending me any notice, which is a violation of the lease contract.

The suit has been filed in District Court as you are an authority on Contract Law, so I want to hire you to prosecute my case. I shall wait for your reply.

Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,


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    1. Honorable Judge,
      (Name of Honorable Court)

      Dear Sir, I want to meet you to explain a personal matter in a short time. I couldn’t explain the matter before the honorable court in the previous hearing. Kindly grant me some suitable meeting time as per your convenience.
      Sincerely Yours,
      (Your name)

  1. I need an application letter. Asking to meet with a judge who I need to ask for advice on grandparents visitation

    1. Only write a short letter to the honorable judge. Sample is below

      Dear Honorable Judge,
      (Name of the Court)

      Dear Sir, I want your advice on grandparent’s visitation, in a meeting. Kindly grant me some suitable meeting time as per your convenience.

      Sincerely Yours,
      (Your Name)

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