Letter for Getting Cheque Book from Bank

Sample application letter to bank branch to collect your cheque book, or request to issue the cheque book for new account, or old account.

Letter for Getting Cheque Book from Bank

Mr. Adam
Branch Manager
Standard Chartered

Sir, I started using your bank for business purposes about 12 months ago, and I have not yet had any type of problem relating to services, or guidance. I am very pleased with the fast services keeping me up-to-date with the current world. However, I want to request the issuance of a new cheque book with 100 leaves. I would be very happy to collect it in a fortnight.

Mr. Bell


Letter for Receiving Cheque Book

Habib Bank Ltd.,
Lake Road Branch, Lahore

Respected Bank,

I have to say that I have received my cheque book you had sent me yesterday. I hope our Customer/ Bank relationship goes further in this manner.



Letter to Bank for Cheque Book

The Manager
Dubai Islamic Bank

Dear Manager,

This is Rehman Ahmad a new account holder in your bank. I opened an account with you a few days back, and wanted to start transaction due to urgent business needs. I got the ATM card after few days, but I haven’t received the check book yet. Though. I am transacting money through ATM card, but I can only get limited amount through a card.  I need to make payments, and also have to withdraw high amounts, and for that reason I need check book urgently. I request you to issue my check book as early as possible. Waiting for a quick response.

Best Regards,

Rehman Ahmad

Letter for Getting Cheque Book from Bank
Letter for Getting Cheque Book from Bank

Letter for Getting Cheque Book from Bank

The branch manager
Wall street bank

Dear Sir,

I have recently opened a new account in following branch under id number of 12345. I have received the confirmation letter but cheque book for my account has still not been received by me. I want to use this account for my business purposes, and daily limit on ATM card stops me from that.

I have a dire need of the cheque book which will allow me to use this account properly. It is therefore requested that cheque book be issued to my account. I shall be very thankful to you

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Wayne

Request To Receive Bank Account Cheque Book

 To the Bank of Punjab,

Respected Bank Manager,

I send this letter to request you for a new cheque book of my bank account. Yesterday, I went to the bank, and gave them the used one cheque book. They gave me a form which I was supposed to fill, and mail it to you. I have attached the filled document with this email along with a copy of my CNIC. As most of my transactions, and payments are made by the cheques so my whole business is kind of disturbed. Kindly forward my request as soon as possible so I receive the cheque book by the end of this month, and this inconvenience is over.

You may contact me in case of any queries, or clarification. I would be grateful to you. Thank you.

Best Regard,

Ali Noor


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