Letter to Principal of College to Open Library

Sample application letter to principal, director, head of department, hod to open library on weekdays, over time, after study hours, or on sundays during exams.

Request to Open College Library

The Principal,

Post Graduate College, Scotland.

Dear Sir,

Letter to principal of college to open library on Saturday, and Sunday

It is humbly stated that I am a student in your college, studying MPhil in English Literature. As you must have known that new syllabus introduced by the university is quite difficult for the students who have joined the classes after getting migrated from other universities.

Moreover, the semester system requires the students to keep them studying most of the times, and preparing for exams at the end of each term. Sir, due to the unavailability of new syllabus in the market, and forthcoming exams after a few weeks, you are requested to please give approval for keeping the library open on Saturday, and Sunday so that students could be able to prepare themselves for exams.

Your act of favor would resolve the problems of many students who intend to brighten the name of our institution by getting distinction in the exams.

Thanking You,

Yours Obediently,

Students of MPhil (English Literature)

Letter to Principal of College to Open Library on Saturday, and Sunday


The Principal

Govt. College Lahore

Dear Sir

I am 3rd year student in this college, and with due respect I want to talk about an issue I have been facing for some time. As we have classes all the day long, so we don’t get time to explore college library for our assignments, or we have to put extra time here. I want you to keep the library open on Saturday, and Sunday, so that we can study without missing any class, and without an interruption.

Best Regards

Huma ehsan

3rd year student


Request Letter to Open Library on Sunday

Respected sir,

I am studying in your college for past 2 years, and having the best education of my life. Your college is one of the best college in this country, and it has best faculties, and as well as great facilities. Sir the only problem I am facing here is the closure of library on Saturday, and Sunday. AAs u know most of  your students come here to study everyday because they cant study in their home, or in their hostel, as I am one of them I want to study in library on Saturday, and Sunday as well because these two days are important for weekly revision of our syllabus. Thats why I am writing you this letter so you can think about it, and bestowed your affection by allowing open the library on Saturday, and Sunday as well. I shall be thankful to you for your this act of kindness.



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